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Fixed Income ETFs

Daily ETF Watch: DB Plans China Bond Fund

Daily ETF Watch By Hung Tran  | July 18, 2014

Deutsche Bank has a mainland China bond fund in the works.

Don’t Assume US Bond ETFs Are US Focused

ETF Strategist Corner By Scott Kubie  | July 16, 2014

If you think U.S.-focused bond ETFs are chock full of U.S. bonds, it’s time to think again.

Daily ETF Watch: Gold, T-Bill ETPs Live

Daily ETF Watch By Hung Tran  | July 15, 2014

ALPS launches a gold miner fund branded with the well-known Sprott name.


Dillian: The Fed’s Slow Moving Policy Error

Features and News By Jared Dillian  | July 14, 2014

It’s clear the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates, and that’s a mistake.

Ferri: The Risk Of Short-Term Bond Funds

Index Investor Corner By Rick Ferri  | July 07, 2014

Beware the consequences of rushing to shorten duration.

Hougan: 4 Lessons From ETF Strategists Analyst Blogs By Matt Hougan  | July 01, 2014

The world’s leading ETF investors gathered in New York for a day. Here are four takeaways.

4 Risk Factors To Watch On Rising Rates

ETF Strategist Corner By Tyler Mordy  | July 01, 2014

Why aren’t rates likely to head higher soon? Let us count the ways.

4 ‘Analyst Pick’ Bond Funds

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | June 18, 2014

These funds are best-in-class when it comes to fixed-income exposure.

Bond ETFs For Rising Interest Rates

ETF Market Intel By Spencer Bogart  | June 12, 2014

Duration-hedged ETFs offer some protection.

Gundlach: 4 Trends Affecting Bond Markets

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | June 11, 2014

The bond market’s rally may have taken investors by surprise, but there are plenty of good reasons it's happening.

iShares Doubles 'Core' Lineup To 20 ETFs

Features and News By Olly Ludwig  | June 10, 2014

The world’s biggest ETF company doubles the number of ultra-cheap ‘Core’ ETFs it’s offering.

Fixed-Income ETFs Add $2B For Week

Weekly ETF Flows By Hung Tran  | May 02, 2014

Investors flocked to fixed-income ETFs last week, as rising markets lifted total U.S.-listed ETF assets to $1.761 trillion.

$3.9B Flows Into Equity, Bond ETFs

Weekly ETF Flows By Hung Tran  | April 25, 2014

Inflows were almost evenly distributed among equity and bond ETFs in a shortened holiday week, and rising markets helped push total assets to $1.756 trillion.

2 Ways To Tap Emerging Debt: EMB Vs. ELD

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | April 25, 2014

Investors are finding their way into emerging market bonds through dollar-denominated and local-currency ETFs.

Kotok On Muni Outperformance (Premium)

Features and News By Dennis Hudachek  | April 14, 2014

Utilities also attractive to CIO of Cumberland Advisors.

Build America Muni Bond ETFs Hot For Now Analyst Blogs By Howard Lee  | April 10, 2014

The muni market—and BABs in particular—roared back in the first quarter, but can that last?

4 Best Emerging Market Bond ETFs YTD

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | April 09, 2014

A few funds stand out as investors are back to looking for value in emerging market bonds.

3 Bond ETFs That Stood Out In 1st Qtr

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | April 03, 2014

These funds raked in—or bled—massive amounts of money in the first three months of the year.

Bogle: Tilt To Corporates For More Yield

Features and News By Olly Ludwig  | April 01, 2014

The world’s most famous indexer says it’s sensible to adjust total bond market indexes away from their heavy government tilts.

Sage's Parish: Not All Bonds Diversify

ETF Strategist Corner By Anthony Parish  | March 31, 2014

Beware the perils of taking on credit risk to reach for yield, Anthony Parish warns.

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