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Fixed Income ETFs

Kotok On Muni Outperformance (Premium)

[Column/Features] By Dennis Hudachek  | April 13, 2014

Utilities also attractive to CIO of Cumberland Advisors.

Build America Muni Bond ETFs Hot For Now

[ Analyst Blogs] By Howard Lee  | April 09, 2014

The muni market—and BABs in particular—roared back in the first quarter, but can that last?

4 Best Emerging Market Bond ETFs YTD

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | April 08, 2014

A few funds stand out as investors are back to looking for value in emerging market bonds.

3 Bond ETFs That Stood Out In 1st Qtr

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | April 02, 2014

These funds raked in—or bled—massive amounts of money in the first three months of the year.

Bogle: Tilt To Corporates For More Yield

[Column/Features] By Olly Ludwig  | March 31, 2014

The world’s most famous indexer says it’s sensible to adjust total bond market indexes away from their heavy government tilts.

Sage's Parish: Not All Bonds Diversify

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Anthony Parish  | March 30, 2014

Beware the perils of taking on credit risk to reach for yield, Anthony Parish warns.

Izenstark: Diversify In Bonds With ETFs

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | March 19, 2014

At a time when adjusting exposure to fixed income is this challenging, ETFs prove their worth relative to mutual funds.

5 Top-Performing Active ETFs In 2014

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | March 11, 2014

From bonds to stocks to commodities, these five active ETFs are standing out this year.

Daily ETF Watch: DB Preps Bond Funds

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | February 27, 2014

An ultra-short bond fund and a muni-bond offering from DB are in the works.

Shiffer: More Fixed-Income ETFs Needed

[Column/Features] By Heather Bell  | February 25, 2014

Curian vice president discusses his firm's use of ETFs and what he'd like to see in the marketplace.

Reiner: Beyond Bonds For Safe Retirement

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | February 24, 2014

You should own your age in income-producing securities, Wela Strategies’ Reiner says.

Clark: Credit Trumps Duration In Bonds

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Sean Clark  | February 10, 2014

Despite taper-related yield jitters, a number of bond ETFs stand out from the crowd.

Hougan: 2 Key Frontier Market Facts

[ Analyst Blogs] By Matt Hougan  | February 09, 2014

MSCI will switch UAE and Qatar from frontier to emerging markets.

Hedge Fund Explores Fixed-Income ETFs

[Column/Features] By Hung Tran  | February 05, 2014

Hedge fund investors of all shapes and sizes making play for ETFs.

Structure Matters: Colby On Muni Bond ETFs

[Column/Features] By Dan Weiskopf  | February 02, 2014

Van Eck’s portfolio manager for municipal bond ETFs talks about executing and managing municipal bond strategies.

Stadion’s Fresk: Bonds At A Crossroad

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Clayton Fresk  | February 02, 2014

Is the end of 30-year bull market in rates imminent, or are we just in a cyclical bear?

'60/40' Portfolio: Down But Not Out

[Column/Features] By Olly Ludwig  | February 02, 2014

The traditional portfolio approach is getting new scrutiny as markets change.

Daily ETF Watch: Floating Rate ETF Nears

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | January 29, 2014

WisdomTree is closing in on the launch of its Treasurys floating-rate fund.

Daily ETF Watch: Pimco Plans Equity ETF

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | January 26, 2014

The bond giant is diversifying away from its core expertise.

Roth: Simple ETF Strategies Work

[Index Investor Corner] By Allan Roth  | January 23, 2014

Investors should strive to keep things simple, Allan Roth says.

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