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Fixed Income ETFs

Daily ETF Watch: FlexShares Plans Bond Fund

Daily ETF Watch By Heather Bell  | August 22, 2014

FlexShares seeks to enter still-uncharted niche in fixed-income ETFs.


Bond ETFs Without Interest Rate Risk

ETF Market Intel By Spencer Bogart  | August 21, 2014

A suite of ETFs helps investors maintain fixed-income exposure in a rising-rate environment.

How To Pick The Right Bond ETFs

ETF Strategist Corner By John Eckstein  | August 21, 2014

With so many choices in the realm of fixed-income ETFs, it helps to have a system for choosing them.

Daily ETF Watch: DB Plans Hedged Funds

Daily ETF Watch By Heather Bell  | August 18, 2014

Deutsche Bank files for four interest-rate-hedged bond ETFs.

Floating Rate Bond ETFs Back In Vogue

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | August 15, 2014

Concerns about higher rates send investors back to floating rate bonds.

Junk Bond Selloff: More Than A Pullback? Analyst Blogs By Howard Lee  | August 12, 2014

Two readily accessible data series suggest something else is brewing in the high-yield market.

Pimco’s BOND Can Now Use Derivatives

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | August 11, 2014

Gross’ ‘BOND’ may now use derivatives, just like its mutual fund counterpart.

Junk Bonds: Not That Bad

ETF Market Intel By Dave Nadig  | August 08, 2014


Investors Losing Love For Junk Bond ETFs

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | August 06, 2014

Big outflows in July correspond with a downturn in performance.

How ETF Structure Comes Through In A Crisis Analyst Blogs By Dave Nadig  | July 31, 2014

ETF premiums and discounts save investors money.

Bond ETFs Thrive Even As Underlying Inventories Subside

ETF Market Intel By Spencer Bogart  | July 29, 2014

Transcendent liquidity in bond ETFs defies declining liquidity in bond market.

Daily ETF Watch: DB Plans China Bond Fund

Daily ETF Watch By Hung Tran  | July 18, 2014

Deutsche Bank has a mainland China bond fund in the works.

Don’t Assume US Bond ETFs Are US Focused

ETF Strategist Corner By Scott Kubie  | July 16, 2014

If you think U.S.-focused bond ETFs are chock full of U.S. bonds, it’s time to think again.

Daily ETF Watch: Gold, T-Bill ETPs Live

Daily ETF Watch By Hung Tran  | July 15, 2014

ALPS launches a gold miner fund branded with the well-known Sprott name.


Dillian: The Fed’s Slow Moving Policy Error

Features and News By Jared Dillian  | July 14, 2014

It’s clear the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates, and that’s a mistake.

Ferri: The Risk Of Short-Term Bond Funds

Index Investor Corner By Rick Ferri  | July 07, 2014

Beware the consequences of rushing to shorten duration.

Hougan: 4 Lessons From ETF Strategists Analyst Blogs By Matt Hougan  | July 01, 2014

The world’s leading ETF investors gathered in New York for a day. Here are four takeaways.

4 Risk Factors To Watch On Rising Rates

ETF Strategist Corner By Tyler Mordy  | July 01, 2014

Why aren’t rates likely to head higher soon? Let us count the ways.

4 ‘Analyst Pick’ Bond Funds

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | June 18, 2014

These funds are best-in-class when it comes to fixed-income exposure.

Bond ETFs For Rising Interest Rates

ETF Market Intel By Spencer Bogart  | June 12, 2014

Duration-hedged ETFs offer some protection.

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