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Fixed Income ETFs

Daily ETF Watch: Brazil Bond Fund Planned

Daily ETF Watch By Heather Bell  | October 29, 2014

WisdomTree files for a Brazil-focused fixed-income fund.

ETFs Can’t Fix Low Bond Market Liquidity Analyst Blogs By Paul Britt  | October 24, 2014

Industry movers worry ETF trading belies weak bond liquidity.

Is Owning More Equities In Retirement Crazy?

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | October 23, 2014

Conventional wisdom about owning your age in bonds could be falling short in this new era of low rates.

Betting On Yields With TLT Put Options

Features and News By Scott Nations  | October 17, 2014

In a volatile market, one TLT options trader makes an interesting bet on bond yields.

Yields Plummet As Global Economy Teeters

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | October 15, 2014

With the global recovery looking vulnerable, yields are plunging.

Avoid Bonds When Playing Strong Dollar

Features and News By Drew Voros  | October 13, 2014

Macro thought leader discusses how he approaches today’s financial markets.

Bill Gross & The Janus Problem Analyst Blogs By Dave Nadig  | October 13, 2014

It’s great Bill Gross is looking forward to his second life. But there’s a problem: transparency.

The Yield Curve Through Lens Of 3 ETFs

Features and News By Olly Ludwig  | October 10, 2014

Looking at the yield curve means assessing competing realities.

Gross On Benefits Of Going Unconstrained

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | October 09, 2014

A slowing global economy mired in structural challenges calls for flexibility found in an unconstrained bond fund.

Gundlach, Mather Join Inside Fixed Income

Features and News By Staff  | October 09, 2014

A number of bond-world heavy hitters are now set to speak at conference.

Mark Dow: Today I Am Afraid Of Treasurys

Features and News By Olly Ludwig  | October 07, 2014

Fixed-income and macro expert discusses how investors should be positioned for an 'echo taper tantrum.'

Post-Gross, BOND 18% Smaller; Flows Slow

Weekly ETF Flows By Olly Ludwig  | October 03, 2014

If anyone doubted the importance of Bill Gross to PIMCO, look no further than the outflows from BOND.

Why Laddering Bond ETFs Works Right Now

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | October 02, 2014

Forget perpetual bond ETFs—a laddered strategy might be just what you need in this rising-rate environment, Gradient Investments’ Wayne Schmidt says.

Swedroe: Bonds And Premiums

Index Investor Corner By Larry Swedroe  | October 01, 2014

Two risk premiums—term and credit—help explain the performance of bond portfolios.

With Gross Along, Will Janus Now Enter ETFs?

Features and News By Matt Hougan  | September 26, 2014

Bill Gross' arrival doesn’t mean Janus will be issuing an ETF soon.

Bill Gross Leaves PIMCO, Joins Janus

Features and News By Olly Ludwig  | September 26, 2014

PIMCO's founder jumps ship for Janus and Daniel Ivascyn will become group chief investment officer.

SEC Probes Pimco’s Active ETF Pricing

Features and News By Rachael Revesz  | September 24, 2014

Bill Gross’ actively managed bond ETF ‘BOND’ is under investigation for reportedly ‘inflating’ returns.

Ignore Shifting Correlations At Your Peril

ETF Strategist Corner By Corey Hoffstein  | September 24, 2014

Amid signs correlations between asset classes could be shifting like tectonic plates, investors may need some portfolio-proofing.

When A Free ETF Isn’t Cheap Enough Analyst Blogs By Paul Britt  | September 23, 2014

The floating-rate Treasury fund TFLO languishes despite an expense ratio of zero percent.

Rieder: Bond Investors Must Be Tactical

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | September 22, 2014

To survive the low-rate era, investors need to look at fixed income in a new way, BlackRock’s Rick Rieder says.

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