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Latest ETF Fee War: SCHF Vs. VEA

[ Analyst Blogs] By Paul Britt  | April 21, 2014

Two great funds duke it out on fees, but holding costs tell a different story.

Meb Faber: Own The Most-Beaten-Down Stocks

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | April 07, 2014

The search for value stocks should and can be global using ETFs, Mebane Faber says.

Daily ETF Watch: New Hedged Japan ETFs

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | April 06, 2014

WisdomTree is rolling out five more hedged Japan-focused ETFs.

Shifting Japan ETFs For Abenomics 2.0

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dennis Hudachek  | April 03, 2014

Japanese equities have hit a rough patch in 2014, but for the next phase of Abenomics, DBJP looks favorable to DXJ.

CLS’ Kubie: Riding Italy’s Mend With EWI

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Scott Kubie  | April 03, 2014

Is Italy turning the corner? Indications are that it is.

EWJ Bests DXJ Amid Nikkei Pullback

[Column/Features] By Hung Tran  | March 31, 2014

Both Japan-focused ETFs are down in an otherwise-dreadful start to the year for Japan-focused ETFs.

Euro Small-Cap ETF Crushing It

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dennis Hudachek  | March 30, 2014

Europe’s debt crisis is running its course—just look at the red-hot small-cap space.

5 Most-Needed Niche ETFs

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dennis Hudachek  | March 25, 2014

From sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Europe, untapped markets still exist.

4 Best-Performing Southeast Asia ETFs

[Column/Features] By Hung Tran  | March 13, 2014

These four emerging market ETFs are weathering the Fed’s tapering storm and a slowdown in China.

Choosing The Best South Korean ETF

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dennis Hudachek  | March 12, 2014

As the number of ETFs focused on South Korea increase, investors have some decisions to make.

Structure Matters: AlphaDex in Europe

[Column/Features] By Dan Weiskopf  | March 05, 2014

First Trust’s Issakainen discusses how the firm’s methodology applies its value model.

Kotok: Russia Face-Off A Boon For XLE

[ETF Strategist Corner] By David Kotok  | March 03, 2014

In the midst of possible war in Eastern Europe lurks an opportunity for investors, Kotok says.

Roubini On Undervalued Countries (Premium)

[Column/Features] By Matt Hougan  | March 02, 2014

Leading macroeconomic thinker sees upside in S. Korea, India and part of the eurozone.

Japan ETFs Fall Amid Head Winds For Abe

[Column/Features] By Hung Tran  | February 26, 2014

The bloom came off the rose for Japan-focused ETFs during the first two months of 2014, but investors are still bullish on the region.

Jim Rogers: Buy Russia & China (Premium)

[Column/Features] By Matt Hougan  | February 12, 2014

Avoid the madness of crowds and buy China, Jim Rogers says.

Daily ETF Watch: iShares’ Hedged ETFs

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | January 30, 2014

Is the firm too late to the currency-hedged equities ETF game?

Roubini: China/Japan Tension A Threat

[Column/Features] By Olly Ludwig  | January 28, 2014

The world economy looks better than it has in years, but could tensions in Asia ruin the party?

Roth: Simple ETF Strategies Work

[Index Investor Corner] By Allan Roth  | January 23, 2014

Investors should strive to keep things simple, Allan Roth says.

Daily ETF Watch: New iShares Floater ETF

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | January 20, 2014

The world’s biggest ETF company plans to join crowding field of still-forming T-note floaters.

Mordy: Is Easy Japan Trade Over?

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Tyler Mordy  | January 20, 2014

It's time to look more closely at Japan’s amazing rally and DXJ’s stellar run.

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