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Questions Not Asked Of ETF Strategists

ETF Strategist Corner By Andrew Gogerty  | October 23, 2014

For advisors wondering if the time is right to retain an ETF strategist, asking the right questions helps.


Swedroe: What Drives Defensive Strategies?

Index Investor Corner By Larry Swedroe  | October 22, 2014

A recent paper explores the outperformance of defensive equity approaches.

Don’t Bet Either Way On Market Volatility Analyst Blogs By Dave Nadig  | October 21, 2014

With VIX spiking, it’s tempting to pile in or bet against it. Both are a bad idea.

Malkiel’s 11th ‘Random Walk’ To Mine ETFs

Features and News By Olly Ludwig & Heather Bell  | October 16, 2014

Indexing legend will explore ETFs more thoroughly in the latest edition of his classic tome.

Downside Risk ETFs Get Their Moment Analyst Blogs By Paul Britt  | October 15, 2014

Equity ETFs that rely on VIX derivatives to hedge downside risk yield a surprising range of results.

Swedroe: Beware The Fed's Equities Effect

Index Investor Corner By Larry Swedroe  | October 10, 2014

Do stocks really pop ahead of Fed meetings? Don’t bet your hard-earned money on it.

Truth In Labeling: Why An ETF’s Name Matters Analyst Blogs By Paul Britt  | October 09, 2014

Sometimes ‘extended’ or ‘enhanced’ actually means ‘leveraged.’

Swedroe: A Look At Ways 3 Factors Work

Index Investor Corner By Larry Swedroe  | October 08, 2014

There are plenty of ways and reasons the size, value and momentum factors work over time.

A Well Timed Managed Futures ETF Launches Analyst Blogs By Paul Britt  | October 07, 2014

New ETF aims for a safer alternative when it comes to managed futures.

Ferri: Are You A Performance Taker Or Seeker?

Index Investor Corner By Rick Ferri  | October 07, 2014

Whether you chase returns or wait for them, your decision matters—a lot.

Mixed Record Of Inflation Hedges

ETF Strategist Corner By John Eckstein  | October 06, 2014

There are plenty of inflation-protection tools, but not too many that truly deliver the goods.

How To Make A Dirt Cheap ETF Even Cheaper Analyst Blogs By Elisabeth Kashner  | October 06, 2014

Navigating Vanguard’s share-class maze.

Kinder Morgan’s Tax Effects On MLP ETFs

Features and News By Paul Britt  | October 03, 2014

Jeremy Held of ALPS lays out the effects Kinder Morgan’s move to become a corporation will have on holders of the huge MLP ETF ‘AMLP.’

REITs Drag On Broad Financials

ETF Strategist Corner By Clayton Fresk  | October 02, 2014

Despite financials showing strength as of late, financial ex-REITs could be even stronger.

Open Letter To Google’s Larry Page On ETFs Analyst Blogs By Dave Nadig  | October 02, 2014

Rumor has it Google’s looking at getting into the financial biz. A few humble suggestions.

Beyond iBillionaire ETF’s Marketing Sizzle Analyst Blogs By Chris Vinyard  | October 01, 2014

Can an equal-weighted large-cap ETF make you invest like a billionaire?

Daily ETF Watch: ARK Launches Funds

Daily ETF Watch By Heather Bell  | September 30, 2014

Newcomer rolls out two actively managed, innovation-focused ETFs.

Fidelity Hedges Its Active ETF Bet Analyst Blogs By Dave Nadig  | September 30, 2014

Without much fanfare, Fidelity throws its hat in nontransparent active ETF ring.

Meb Faber Waves Red Flag On Dividend ETFs

Features and News By Cinthia Murphy  | September 29, 2014

Income-hungry investors need to be aware of factor fatigue in the U.S.-dividend-ETF space.

Swedroe: The Volatility Of Premiums

Index Investor Corner By Larry Swedroe  | September 29, 2014

If you want to capture the equity, size and value premiums, a long-term horizon is crucial.

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