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Dorsey: Go Long US & Gulf States (Premium)

[Column/Features] By  | March 16, 2014

Leading technical researcher says to continue focusing on the U.S. and developed markets for now.

5 Top-Performing Active ETFs In 2014

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | March 11, 2014

From bonds to stocks to commodities, these five active ETFs are standing out this year.

'60/40' Portfolio: Down But Not Out

[Column/Features] By Olly Ludwig  | February 02, 2014

The traditional portfolio approach is getting new scrutiny as markets change.

Schwab’s Sonders: A Bull With A Warning

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | January 27, 2014

The bull market in stocks is alive and well, but don’t let a pullback surprise you, Liz Ann Sonders says.

Daily ETF Watch: Pimco Plans Equity ETF

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | January 26, 2014

The bond giant is diversifying away from its core expertise.

Roth: Simple ETF Strategies Work

[Index Investor Corner] By Allan Roth  | January 23, 2014

Investors should strive to keep things simple, Allan Roth says.

Swedroe: The Best Approach To ‘Value’

[Column/Features] By Larry Swedroe  | January 05, 2014

Sifting through the variety of ways to access value stocks.

6 Leveraged ETFs With Triple-Digit Returns

[Column/Features] By Hannah Tool  | December 23, 2013

These six leveraged U.S. equity ETFs turbo-boosted their returns in 2013.

Sage’s Smith: 2 ETFs Built For 2014

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Bob Smith  | December 19, 2013

Views that this five-year rally is long in the tooth are short of the truth, Sage argues.

Daily ETF Watch: New Income ETF Launching

[Daily ETF Watch] By Hung Tran  | December 19, 2013

New high-income fund will focus on U.S. equities and employ options.

Making ‘Manufacturing’ Call With ETFs

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dave Nadig  | December 03, 2013

Making the most of an Ed Yardeni call on manufacturing with index funds.

Depreciating Gold Miner ETFs Rake In AUM

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | December 02, 2013

Despite dismal performance, money is still flowing into gold miner funds.

ETF Flows On Pace To Break Record

[Monthly ETF Flows] By Cinthia Murphy  | December 01, 2013

Equity ETFs led November flows yet again.

Equal-Weighted Success Varies

[ Analyst Blogs] By Paul Baiocchi  | November 24, 2013

Equal-weighted ETFs are popular in some segments, but the farther from the core you get, the less attractive they become.

Dorsey: Stock Rally Structural Bull Market

[Column/Features] By Olly Ludwig  | November 20, 2013

Make no mistake, U.S. markets are in a real structural rally, Tom Dorsey says.

Finding The Right Large-Cap Value ETF

[ Analyst Blogs] By Dave Nadig  | November 17, 2013

In search of the truth about large-cap value ETFs.

US Small-Cap ETF Gains Best In A Decade

[Column/Features] By Cinthia Murphy  | November 12, 2013

IWM is a stellar performer, but its flows lately have turned negative.

Main's Arthur: Buy XLI And PSCI

[ETF Strategist Corner] By Kim Arthur  | November 11, 2013

ETFs to play America's industrial comeback, from Main Management's Kim Arthur.

Retail ETFs Poised For Holiday Pop

[Column/Features] By Hung Tran  | November 11, 2013

‘Brick-and-mortar’ retailers will have to work twice as hard as their online competition this holiday season.

Inside ETF Trading With WisdomTree’s Abner

[Column/Features] By Paul Britt  | November 10, 2013

Despite a number of recent trading hiccups, ETF trading market structure is sound, WisdomTree’s Abner says.

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