Alpha-Seeking ETF Overview

Alpha-seeking ETFs are equity funds attempting to outperform the market with various investment strategies. The ETFs here show a huge range of investment aims, from hedged funds mimicking strategies as the Alphaclone Alternative Alpha ETF (ALFA) to funds following propietary stock picking strategies as the VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF (MOAT).

With 89 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, Alpha-Seeking ETFs gather total assets under management of $10.81B. The average expense ratio is 0.74%. Alpha-Seeking ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Equity

The largest Alpha-Seeking ETF is the First Trust North American Energy Infrastructure Fund EMLP with $2.24B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best performing Alpha-Seeking ETF was the ARKW at 64.91%. The most-recent ETF launched in the Alpha-Seeking space was the AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Micro Cap ETF DWMC in 07/10/18.


IEMEiShares Evolved U.S. Media and Entertainment ETF8.10%
UTESReaves Utilities ETF7.28%
ARKGARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF6.61%
IEIHiShares Evolved U.S. Innovative Healthcare ETF5.39%
IECSiShares Evolved U.S. Consumer Staples ETF3.92%


KORAdvisorShares KIM Korea Equity ETF-11.31%
BATTAmplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF-9.14%
RFEMFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets ETF-7.91%
AADRAdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ADR ETF-7.39%
RFAPFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Asia Pacific-5.63%

top creations

ARKKARK Innovation ETF173.35
ARKWARK Web x.0 ETF82.71
ARKGARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF23.94
SECTMain Sector Rotation ETF18.46
DWLDDavis Select Worldwide ETF16.18

top redemptions

EMLPFirst Trust North American Energy Infrastructure Fund-32.19
RFEUFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Europe-28.91
BLOKAmplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF-10.07
HDGEAdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF-5.88
RFEMFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets ETF-5.80


BATTAmplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF173.62%
HUSEUS Market Rotation Strategy ETF124.13%
VFLQVanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETF74.66%
FTLBFirst Trust Hedged BuyWrite Income ETF50.71%
AIIQAI Powered International Equity ETF46.92%


IECSiShares Evolved U.S. Consumer Staples ETF-23.68%
RFEUFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Europe-22.36%
RFEMFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Emerging Markets ETF-17.54%
SYESPDR MFS Systematic Core Equity ETF-12.67%
KORAdvisorShares KIM Korea Equity ETF-11.05% Analysis

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