Alpha-Seeking ETF Overview

Alpha-seeking ETFs are equity funds attempting to outperform the market with various investment strategies. The ETFs here show a huge range of investment aims, from hedged funds mimicking strategies as the Alphaclone Alternative Alpha ETF (ALFA) to funds following propietary stock picking strategies as the VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF (MOAT).

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: An Int'l Angle On Active Share

Two more studies of non-U.S. funds contribute to the evidence against active share as a source of meaningful outperformance.

Features and News

ETF Picks From A Tactical Manager

Sage Advisors shares its top picks and areas of the market to avoid in a case for tactical investing.

Features and News

Making Money With Contrarian ETFs

Funds ‘HDGE’ and newcomer ‘SQZZ’ swim against the tide in search of returns and downside protection.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Outperformance In Theory, Not Practice

There’s some evidence that active share equates to outperformance, but even then it’s not really worth the effort.

ETF Industry Perspective

Vanguard: If Only Alpha Were Easy

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Active Share No Indicator Of Outperformance

The latest research shows that 'active share' doesn’t mean superior returns.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Hartford Plans Active Bond Fund

The proposed product can invest in a wide range of securities.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: AdvisorShares Files For Media Fund

Actively managed fund will invest in technology and media companies.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Europe’s SPIVA Results Are Nothing New

European performance numbers offer no hope for active management fans.