AlphaClone ETF Overview

AlphaClone has 2 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets with total assets under management of $30.27 M and an average expense ratio of 0.97%.

AlphaClone offers ETFs in the following asset classes:

  • Equity

ETF Results:

2 ETFs
As of 10/19/2017
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETFExchange Traded Concepts0.98%$25.24M0.21%Equity: U.S. - Total Market
ALFIAlphaClone International ETFAlphaClone0.95%$4.94M0.34%Equity: Global Ex-U.S. - Total Market
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF1.22%2.46%17.13%8.72%--   10/19/2017
ALFIAlphaClone International ETF-0.61%2.71%21.84%--   --   10/19/2017
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETFExchange Traded ConceptsEquity: U.S. - Total MarketD696270
ALFIAlphaClone International ETFAlphaCloneEquity: Global Ex-U.S. - Total MarketD646038
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF--48.542.93 ------
ALFIAlphaClone International ETF0.69%113.432.35 ------
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF
ALFIAlphaClone International ETF
AlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETFALFAEquityCopycatNorth AmericaU.S.Size and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoAlphaClone Hedge Fund Downside Hedged IndexAlphaCloneProprietaryTieredNo
AlphaClone International ETFALFIEquityCopycatGlobal Ex-U.S.Global Ex-U.S.Size and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoAlphaClone International Downside Hedged IndexAlphaCloneProprietaryTieredNo
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
ALFIAlphaClone International ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
ALFAAlphaClone Alternative Alpha ETF4.51 / 1017.2419.98136.505.68%14.94%
ALFIAlphaClone International ETF4.55 / 101.8420.89148.245.38%5.14%

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