Alternatives ETF Overview

What are alternatives ETFs? Hedge funds, commodities, options strategies, private equity—anything that doesn't fit cleanly into the equity or fixed-income buckets has been termed "alternative" at one point or another. Perhaps the most defining characteristic for alternative investments was that if you were not a "qualified investor," most investors couldn't buy them. Today, however, financial innovation has made many of these complex strategies available to a broader audience through ETFs.

Alternatives ETF University

Need to learn more about alternatives ETFs? Check out our Alternatives ETF University articles to learn everything from the core principles to more advanced topics.

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The ‘Customer Is Always Right’ ETF

Two recently launched funds look at customer satisfaction and brand value as key metrics in picking stocks.

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Friday Hot Reads: US Adds 209K Jobs; Jobless Rate Falls

Also, don’t try and predict the next recession.

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ETF Shakeup: PureFunds Brand Name Ousted

‘PureFunds’ is being removed from the products carrying its name.

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Monday Hot Reads: Jim Cramer Rants Again On ETFs

Also, Mexico ETF leaves U.S. equities in the dust.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Active Alts Funds Planned

Both funds will use strategies that rely on factors.

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3 Investing Legends On Bitcoin

Jim Rogers, Kevin O'Leary and Dennis Gartman share their views on the controversial digital currency.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Hedge Funds Lag In 2Q

They fail to beat a traditional diversified stock/bond portfolio.

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Friday Hot Reads: Most Shorted ETFs In The Market

Also, Darwinism will fix the investment industry.

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ETFs For Retirement Protection

When it comes to your nest egg, there are different guardrails you can use to protect your hard-earned money.