Alternatives ETF Overview

What are alternatives ETFs? Hedge funds, commodities, options strategies, private equity—anything that doesn't fit cleanly into the equity or fixed-income buckets has been termed "alternative" at one point or another. Perhaps the most defining characteristic for alternative investments was that if you were not a "qualified investor," most investors couldn't buy them. Today, however, financial innovation has made many of these complex strategies available to a broader audience through ETFs.

Alternatives ETF University

Need to learn more about alternatives ETFs? Check out our Alternatives ETF University articles to learn everything from the core principles to more advanced topics.

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Friday Hot Reads: 13 Contrarian Economic Predictions For 2017

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Research Affiliates: Uncomfortably Stuck Between Past & Future: Rates, Credit & Alternative Bond Indices

The present may offer long-term fixed-income investors more comfort if they select a strategy maintaining investment discipline and seeking pricing inefficiencies.

ETF Strategist Corner

Alternative Strategies In ETFs Vs Mutual Funds

ETFs aren’t automatically the best choice relative to mutual funds.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: A SPDR Buy-Write ETF Coming

Another covered-call ETF hits the regulatory pipeline.

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Top ETF Picks For 2017

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ETF Strategist Corner

Core Stock & Bond Portfolios Need New Look

Consider satellite-income asset classes.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Surge; M&A Funds Flat

The headline-making M&A deals aren’t translating into blockbuster returns for ETFs in the segment.

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SEC Wants To Hear From You On Bitcoin ETF

Regulators seek more public input before deciding on whether to approve the bitcoin ETF. Analysis

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The deepest and most vested crowdsourcing tool has been around forever.