Asset Allocation ETF Overview

Asset allocation ETFs invest across asset classes including equity, fixed income and others to create a blended ETF portfolio with usually a proprietary or actively managed focus.

Asset Allocation ETF University

Need to learn more about Asset Allocation ETFs? Check out our Asset Allocation ETF University articles to learn everything from the core principles to more advanced topics.

Features and News

How One Firm Picks Smart Beta ETFs

Envestnet now offers a quantitative way of boiling down 800-plus smart-beta funds to a recommended list of 33 ETFs.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: New Fund-Of-Funds Launches

Actively managed ETF brings a popular institutional solution to the retail space. 

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China A-Shares In Spotlight, Returns Lag

MSCI’s decision will broaden China A-share access, but this year, funds excluding A-shares are performing best. 

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Home Bias Blues

Why it’s important to look outside the U.S., and why investors are buying into a pricy ETF. 

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ETFs See Nearly $500B In 12 Months; Top $3T

We look behind that massive growth rate, and at what to expect going forward.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Stocks, Bonds & Risk

How much wiggle room do you have in the case of a bad portfolio outcome?

ETF Report

Options Essentials For Advisors

A guide to the different ways investors can use options to enhance their portfolio performance.

Daily ETF Flows

'IVV' Leads Strong Inflows Into US Equity ETFs

Investors plowed $3.3 billion into U.S.-listed ETFs on Thursday, June 8, and U.S. equities were the biggest gainers.