Bitcoin ETF Overview

Bitcoin, the global, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, forced its way onto investment radars by going up almost 10 times its U.S. dollar price in 2013 and then falling more than 70% in the following year. To capture the increasing interest in bitcoins, the ETF industry responded with ETFs such as the proposed Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF and the ARK Web x.0 ETF.

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Index Investing Comes To Cryptocurrencies

First cryptocurrency index fund offers passive path to digital currency.

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Thursday Hot Reads: Vanguard Makes $1.5T Blockchain Bet

Also, Yellen isn’t buying Trump’s tax-cut-miracle talk.

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Wednesday Hot Reads: Biggest New ETF Launches Of 2017

Also, investors—not ETFs—create risk.

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Bitcoin ETF Could Launch In 6 Months

SEC likely to approve a bitcoin ETF now that futures are live.

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Moriarty: Why Bitcoin ETFs Likely

'Spider Woman’ knows a thing or two about ETF innovation. She shares her perspective on bitcoin and other ‘exotic’ ETFs.

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Bitcoin ETFs Are Back

REX is the first issuer to restart its application process.

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Monday Hot Reads: Global ETFs Attracted $600B This Year

Also, index funds rule the world, but should they rule you?

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Friday Hot Reads: Index Funds As Force For Change

Plus, bitcoin mania continues unabated.

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Bitcoin Futures Raise Complex Questions

No one really knows how the futures will affect the asset they’re based on.