Canada ETF Overview

Canada ETFs provide exposure to the Canadian equity markets and the Canadian dollar.

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How To Invest In Bitcoin & Marijuana ETFs

Two assets unavailable in an ETF wrapper in the U.S. are readily available in other countries. 

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: An Int'l Angle On Active Share

Two more studies of non-U.S. funds contribute to the evidence against active share as a source of meaningful outperformance.

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Nadig On CNBC: Record 2017 Inflows Fueled By Retail

$80 billion in January/February is a record start of the year for ETFs. Here's what's behind it.

ETF Report

 Canadian Robo's Human Touch

Different rules make for a different experience.

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Why Emerging Markets Offer Opportunity

Forstrong’s Tyler Mordy thinks emerging markets have a lot to recommend them right now.

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Robo Advisors A Touch More Human In Canada

Canadian regulation requires human intervention with each new client, something more and more U.S. robo advisors are doing.

ETF Strategist Corner

Canadian ETFs Are Compelling Under Trump Trade Threats

The country has taken steps over the last few years to hedge itself from trade disputes, even with the U.S.

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What To Invest In For The Rest Of 2016

iShares’ head of U.S. investment strategy offers tips on weathering continued volatility through the end of the year.

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Top 5 Country ETFs Of 2016 To Date

The U.S. may be down, but a host of other countries are seeing gains in their stock markets.