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Worst Performing ETFs Of 2017

Two words tell this story: volatility and commodities. 

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: 2 More Closures

Credit Suisse kicked off the month of June with two ETN closures. Analysis

Be Wary Of This Skyrocketing Bitcoin Fund

‘GBTC’ has tripled in the past month, but it's a disaster waiting to happen for investors who buy in today.

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 No ‘Valuable Argument’ Against The Fiduciary Rule

Arden Rodgers, a former software developer, brings an analytical perspective to using ETFs in his practice.

ETF Report

 Commodities In Review

Commodity ETFs had a brutal time in April, with precious metals making for a lonely bright spot.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Not Much Vanilla In May Launches

So far in May, 20 new ETFs have come to market, and none of them are your plain-vanilla passive kind.