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How To Approach Factor Investing

While it’s folly to try to time factors, it’s really hard for investors to stick with them.

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Sage's Smith: Cool It, Bonds Will Be Fine

Co-founder of Sage talks about risks and opportunities in the ETF bond market.

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Principal’s Kim On Building An ETF Lineup

Firm’s head of ETFs discusses the path the company took to build an ETF business.

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How To Evaluate Smart Beta ETFs

There are important steps to take before examining performance and price.

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Josh Brown On Evidence Based Investing

Why the old advisory paradigm is being turned on its head by this approach.

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What Is Smart Beta In Fixed Income ETFs?

An interview with IndexIQ’s Sal Bruno on how factor investing works with bonds.

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How To Tell If A Smart Beta Trade Is Crowded

Astor Investments’ Deepika Sharma discusses the firm’s approach to smart-beta strategies. Analysis

Real-World ETF Questions

Money Show attendees are asking all the right questions about exchange-traded funds.

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Arnott: It’s Relatively Easy To Beat The Market

Factor investing pioneer talks about today’s smart beta.