Cybersecurity ETF Overview

ETF Results:

2 ETFs
As of 10/19/2017
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFETF Managers Group0.60%$1.10B0.06%Equity: Global Technology
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETFFirst Trust0.60%$332.76M0.22%Equity: Global Technology
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF--   -1.56%16.89%--   --   10/19/2017
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETF0.63%-0.82%16.71%--   --   10/19/2017
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFETF Managers GroupEquity: Global TechnologyA919339
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETFFirst TrustEquity: Global Technology--------
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF0.44%195.314.47 ------
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETF0.17%69.153.79 ------
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETF
ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFHACKEquityEqualGlobalGlobalSectorTechnologyBroad-basedNoNoNoPrime Cyber Defense IndexPrime IndexesMarket CapTieredNo
First Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETFCIBREquityTechnicalGlobalGlobalSectorTechnologyBroad-basedNoNoNoNASDAQ CTA Cybersecurity IndexNASDAQMarket CapTieredNo
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
HACKETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF4.58 / 1015.4521.8416.0514.53%8.12%
CIBRFirst Trust NASDAQ Cybersecurity ETF5.00 / 1027.7334.8218.2318.38%11.71%

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