Deutsche X-trackers ETF Overview

Deutsche X-trackers has 17 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets with total assets under management of $218.67 M and an average expense ratio of 0.81%.

The largest Deutsche X-trackers ETF is the DB Gold Double Long ETN (DGP) with $122.54 M in assets. In the last 12 months, the best performing Deutsche X-trackers ETF was the DB Agriculture Double Short ETN (AGA) at 44.64%. The most-recent ETF launched by Deutsche X-trackers was the Deutsche Bank FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN (FIEG) in October 2013.

Deutsche X-trackers offers ETFs in the following asset classes:

  • Commodities
  • Equity


AGADB Agriculture Double Short ETN18.29%
DDPDB Commodity Short ETN7.30%
DAGDB Agriculture Double Long ETN4.69%
BDDDB Base Metals Double Long ETN2.14%
DZZDB Gold Double Short ETN0.78%


BOSDB Base Metals Short ETN-21.26%
BOMDB Base Metals Double Short ETN-6.20%
SZODB Crude Oil Short ETN-6.06%
AGFDB Agriculture Long ETN-5.49%
DYYDB Commodity Double Long ETN-5.20%

top creations

DEEDB Commodity Double Short ETN--
DZZDB Gold Double Short ETN--
BOMDB Base Metals Double Short ETN--
BOSDB Base Metals Short ETN--
DTODB Crude Oil Double Short ETN--

top redemptions

BDDDB Base Metals Double Long ETN-0.84
DDPDB Commodity Short ETN-0.03
AGFDB Agriculture Long ETN-0.03
DAGDB Agriculture Double Long ETN-0.02
FIEGDeutsche Bank FI Enhanced Global High Yield ETN-0.00


BDDDB Base Metals Double Long ETN6.41%
DZZDB Gold Double Short ETN4.98%
DGZDB Gold Short ETN2.50%
AGADB Agriculture Double Short ETN2.45%
DEEDB Commodity Double Short ETN2.40%


BOMDB Base Metals Double Short ETN-7.96%
DGPDB Gold Double Long ETN-4.95%
BOSDB Base Metals Short ETN-3.98%
DDPDB Commodity Short ETN-3.34%
DAGDB Agriculture Double Long ETN-2.34%

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