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Tuesday Hot Reads: Harvard’s Biggest Public Holding Is A High Yield ETF

Also, 65% believe SEC will deny bitcoin ETF a second time.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Active Global Dividend Fund Debuts

Principal's 'GDVD' fills a blank spot in the ETF space.

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Measuring Smart Beta ETF Performance

How have the largest and most established smart-beta ETFs performed compared with their cap-weighted counterparts?

Daily Hot Reads

Monday Hot Reads: Why Bull Market Is Alive & Well For ETFs

Also, another look at the latest in the efforts to launch a bitcoin ETF.

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How Volatility Weighted ETFs Work

VictoryShares is innovating in smart beta with a different way of approaching markets.

Features and News

Socially Responsible Dividends In An ETF

Columbia’s ETFs combine a need for income with a desire to do good, showing ESG and equity income go hand in hand.

ETF Report

VYMI Shines In Its Segment

What makes one of Vanguard's newer offerings tick.

ETF Report

U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC

Offering a full suite of services to help support your exchange-traded product.

Daily Hot Reads

Monday Hot Reads: Examining A Low Cost Dividend ETF

Also, socially responsible investing—fact vs. fiction.