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This channel provides the latest economic news and the resulting impact on ETF trading and the ETF industry.

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Friday Hot Reads: SEC May Regret The Day It Allowed Leveraged ETFs

Also, Wall Street sours on buyback ETFs as stock repurchases wane.

Features and News

Thursday Hot Reads: 3 ETF Charts Waving Red Flags

Millennials fuel ongoing expansion in ETF industry.

ETF Industry Perspective

Vanguard: Expect Slow But Steady Economic Growth Worldwide

What does global economic stabilization look like?

Features and News

Why Small Cap ETFs Are Underperforming

Despite calls for stellar gains, the segment has been lagging large-caps, even if investor demand goes on undeterred. 

Features and News

Fed Raises Rates, Maintains ‘Gradual’ Pace

Central bank points to steady economic and job growth, but remains on ‘gradual path’ of increases.

ETF Strategist Corner

Improving Economy Will Fuel Consumer ETFs

Consumer discretionary ETFs stand to benefit as economy strengthens.

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This Fallen Angel ETF Really A Rising Star

In the high-yield bond space, ANGL is standing out from the pack.

Features and News

Friday Hot Reads: US Jobs, Wages Show Solid Gains In Trump's First Full Month

Also, names matter in bond ETFs as Gundlach clobbers Gross' old fund.

ETF Industry Perspective

Global X: Rebuilding US Infrastructure With PAVE

Invest in the movement to rebuild America’s infrastructure.