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This channel provides the latest economic news and the resulting impact on ETF trading and the ETF industry.

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Why June Is Important For Muni Bond Investors

‘Summer redemption season’ could mean more demand for muni bond ETFs.

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Brazil ETFs Crumble Under Latest Scandal

It’s not always easy to be an emerging market investor. 

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Wednesday Hot Reads: An ETF For Easy Asset Allocation

Also, traders short this ETF to maximize their Amazon bets.

ETF Strategist Corner

Why Bank Loan ETFs Offer Yield Opportunity

This pocket of fixed income has factors going for it that could make these ETFs outperform.

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3 Market Surprises Impacting ETFs

The business of reading crystal balls is tricky, with surprises always lurking.

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Friday Hot Reads: ETF Survival Rates By Asset Class

Also, ETFs become the investing world's No. 1 scapegoat.

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This Treasury Bond ETF Trade Is Hot Again

No one wanted long-dated Treasury bond funds, but it seems risk-off is gaining ground again. 

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: ‘Keep ETFs Weird’

ETF innovation has made exotic investment ideas accessible. Also, the real reason active managers underperform benchmarks.

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US Job Growth Slows Sharply As Jobless Rate Falls

Weak job growth in March doesn’t keep unemployment rate from dipping.