Economy Overview

This channel provides the latest economic news and the resulting impact on ETF trading and the ETF industry.

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Top 10 Hedge Funds Holding SPY

Also, why tracking difference in bond ETFs matters. Analysis

Camp Kotok Asks: Does The Fed Matter?

Notes from a gathering of the country’s leading economic thinkers.

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: US Adds 209K Jobs; Jobless Rate Falls

Also, don’t try and predict the next recession.

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: Know What’s Hiding In Your ETF

Also, you may want to consider if your robo advisor has a conflict of interest.

Features and News

Sage's Smith: Cool It, Bonds Will Be Fine

Co-founder of Sage talks about risks and opportunities in the ETF bond market.

ETF Strategist Corner

Global Growth Has Room To Run

Europe and Japan economic expansion is just getting started.

Features and News

3 ETF ‘Trump Trades’ That Tripped

The markets once again prove that crystal balls are best used as paperweights. 

Features and News

4 ETF Bond Managers Share Their Top Picks

In the ETF space, actively managed bond funds are popular, and their managers have very different ideas of where opportunities lie. 

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: This Metric In Dire Need Of Context

Don’t panic about what the CAPE 10 means for valuations. It’s not as high as it seems.