Equity ETF Overview

Equity ETFs invest in stocks of U.S. or international companies. Thus, equity ETFs have a claim of ownership on the underlying business.

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15 Most Actively Traded ETFs

Volume may be down from last year, but there are still plenty of ETFs trading tens of millions of shares per day.

Features and News

Friday Hot Reads: Are You Missing Out On China?

From China’s ‘attractive’ equities to Italy’s serious troubles to Saudi Arabia’s reality check, there’s plenty going on in the world today.   

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: More Vanguard ETFs See Fees Reduced

The fund issuer announces a third round of fee reductions in as many months. 

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly Inflows Slow Torrid Pace As 2017 Total Hits $78.5B

The pace of weekly inflows slowed, but remained firmly in positive territory this week.

Daily ETF Flows

Buying In 'TLT' & 'GDX'

The Treasury and gold miner ETFs were in favor on Thursday, Feb. 23. 

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Different Drivers Fuel Dispersion In Transport ETFs

Different weighting schemes of the three transport ETFs produce different results.

ETF.com Analysis

Banking ETFs: Why This Time May Be Different

Outperformance in a rising rate environment would be a change from the past.

Daily ETF Flows

Heavy Inflows Into ETFs On Wednesday

$7.4 billion went into U.S.-listed ETFs on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

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This ETF’s $100 Billion Milestone Approaching

The world's second-largest ETF is about to top a big round number regarding assets.