Equity ETF Overview

Equity ETFs invest in stocks of U.S. or international companies. Thus, equity ETFs have a claim of ownership on the underlying business.

Daily ETF Watch

PowerShares Goes Plain Vanilla

Fourth-largest issuer takes new (but well-trod) direction with its latest additions.

ETF Strategist Corner

Natural Resource ETFs A Global Growth Play

August saw the strongest global growth month since 2015.

Features and News

Active Outperforms In Utilities

There’s more to utilities than the price of power; Reaves Asset Management uses that fact to capture alpha in the space.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Inflows At Record Despite Monday Selling

Annual ETF inflows hit a fresh record high despite a roadbump on Monday.

Daily ETF Flows

'KBE' Pulls In $117M

The bank ETF took the No. 10 spot on the daily inflows list for Thursday, Sept. 21.

ETF Strategist Corner

When Market Highs Are About Perception

U.S. stock market may not actually be making new highs, thanks to what’s happening with the dollar. 

Daily ETF Watch

VanEck Plans Real Assets Active ETF

Strategy would go head-to-head with a passive fund from FlexShares.

Features and News

Growing Pains For New Real Estate Sector

Real estate has sharply underperformed financials and the broader stock market in the year since becoming a stand-alone sector. 

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: ETF Graveyard Continues To Grow

Also, Goldman Sachs Sees $1 trillion tax cut coming.