ETF Education Overview

Our ETF education channel lists the more educational content on our site. But to learn more about ETFs, you should visit our ETF University.

ETF Industry Perspective

Fidelity: Key Considerations For ETFs

From understanding how they work to how they’re purchased, learn about ETFs and see if they’re right for your portfolio.

Features and News

Various Colors To ‘White Label’ ETF Providers

The fallout between ETF Managers Group and PureFunds is a reminder that thorough due diligence is the only way to do business.  

Features and News

What ETFs Really Cost

The expense ratio only reflects part of what it costs to buy, sell and hold an ETF.

Features and News

15 Years Of Bond ETF History In A Nutshell

Bond ETFs offered new access at unprecedented cost. Now they look to break new smart-beta ground.  

Features and News

Monday Hot Reads: Tracking ETF Ownership

Also, the latest outlook for gold and volatility.

Features and News

How Russell Index Changes Impact ETFs

Popular ETFs such as ‘IWM’ and ‘IWF’ are updating their portfolio mix to reflect index changes.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: Guide To Safety & Sector ETFs

Also, what’s driving oil prices, and the outlook on emerging markets.

Features and News

ETFs See Nearly $500B In 12 Months; Top $3T

We look behind that massive growth rate, and at what to expect going forward.

Features and News

DOL Fiduciary Rule Takes Effect

The first stage of the rule might have some major implications for ETFs.