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Getting Smart On ETFs

One of the most common questions I get is, 'where can I find out more?' So here it is: my reading/listening list.

ETF Strategist Corner

Quick Guide To Common Financial Terms

Financial preparedness begins with understanding commonly used terms and concepts in the ETF industry.

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The Business Of Seeding ETFs

The challenge of raising initial capital to launch a new ETF is real, but firms like Esposito Securities are rising to the task.

ETF Report

 2017 ETF Lifetime Achievement Award: David Abner

WisdomTree Europe’s Abner won the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Features and News

The Players Behind ETF Tax Efficiency

Rebalancing keeps capital gains at bay for ETF investors—if it’s done right.

Index Investor Corner

Boosting Returns With Rebalancing

Critics may disagree, but the simple act of rebalancing can juice up your gains over time.

ETF Strategist Corner

Smart Beta’s Foundation Problem

Some issues exist with the science that underlies smart-beta concepts.

Features and News

Inside ETFs: McCarthy On Factors Driving ETF Growth

Jeff McCarthy, CEO of ETPs for BNY Mellon, offers insights into what it takes to run an ETF from a custodian perspective, and what’s driving industry growth.  

Features and News

Junk Bond ETFs Built For Rising Rates

Junk bond funds are largely out of favor this year, but an interest-rate-hedged high-yield bond ETF is beating that trend.