ETF Education Overview

Our ETF education channel lists the more educational content on our site. But to learn more about ETFs, you should visit our ETF University.

ETF Strategist Corner

How To Predict Bond ETF Returns

It’s not always clear where the market is headed, but there’s an easy-to-understand rule that helps you forecast returns.

Features and News

What US ETF Market Looks Like Today

As we approach the launch of the 2,000th U.S.-listed ETF, we take a moment to glance at what market access looks like through ETFs.

Features and News

ETFs With The Lowest Valuations

With the U.S. stock market trading at lofty P/E ratios, value investors must look elsewhere to find bargains.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: Assessing The Total Cost Of ETFs

Also, a look at whether smart beta is a threat to factor investing.

Features and News

ETF Strategist Space Struggling To Grow

The ETF industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but ETF strategists continue to struggle to gain market share. 

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: World's First Marijuana ETF Launched

Also, should you invest in an ETF that is closing?

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Do Price Multiples Predict Market Returns?

The predictive power of dividend-to-price ratios has been fading.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Do ETFs Harvest Factors & Shrink Premiums?

Research examines if ETFs arbitrage away premiums and create crowded trades.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: When Emerging Markets Outperform

Studies show that for long-time horizons, emerging markets outperform U.S.