ETF Education Overview

Our ETF education channel lists the more educational content on our site. But to learn more about ETFs, you should visit our ETF University.

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Worst Performing ETFs All Have One Thing In Common

Also, a look into whether smart-beta ETFs and active management can coexist. Analysis

Real-World ETF Questions

Money Show attendees are asking all the right questions about exchange-traded funds.

Features and News

When & How To Use Niche ETFs

An ETF strategist shares his thoughts on when buying a fund like HACK makes a lot of sense. Analysis

Retail ETF Returns Reflect Industry Upheaval

There are some clear return dispersions that are a sign of the retail times.

Features and News

New Giant Among Emerging Market ETFs

The once-segment-leader ‘EEM’ is about to move to No. 3 as new money flows elsewhere. Analysis

The Perfect Monster ETF Trade Just Played Out

How does a fund go from $1.2 million to $268 million in assets? Easily.

ETF Strategist Corner

Response To Arnott’s Fundamental Indexing

Lacking price discovery and bringing more risk discounts RAFI as being a potential equity allocation benchmark.

ETF Report

Navigating (Potential) ETF Closures

A quick guide on what happens when your ETF shuts down and how to avoid such a situation.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: ETFs For Those In Their 50s

Also, House passes bill to improve access to ETF research.