ETF Education Overview

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Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: When Emerging Markets Outperform

Studies show that for long-time horizons, emerging markets outperform U.S.

Features and News

ETFs With The Largest Premiums & Discounts

While the vast majority of ETFs trade close to their net asset values, a handful have strayed far from their NAVs. Analysis

Always A Change Of Storms With Volatility ETFs

Investors need to understand the nature of short-term VIX funds like XIV and SVXY.

Features and News

Behind The Impressive Growth Of Small ETF Issuers

The big three remain the leaders, but these up-and-coming firms are leaving nothing on the table.

ETF Strategist Corner

Min Vol ETFs Underperform When Rates Rise

Higher sensitivity to yield is at the heart of this strategy’s interest rate reaction.

Features and News

Thursday Hot Reads: How To Go ‘Pro’ With ETFs

Take a look at emerging trends in ETF usage, and a closer look at ‘QQQ,’ which is a growth ETF again. Analysis

Rebalancing Of Smart Beta ETFs Often Overlooked

Single-factor and multifactor funds rebalance to fit the rules-based approach of each.

Index Investor Corner

Why ETFs Won’t Replace Mutual Funds

Fund flows out of mutual funds and into ETFs tell an incomplete story.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Investing Habits Affected By Genetics

Some investment biases are rooted in the way your genes have hardwired you.