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The ETF trading channel provides the latest news about ETF trading, from regulations to ETF fund inflows and outflows.

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Monday Hot Reads: 3 Top ETFs For New Investors

Also, ETF Deathwatch for March 2017.

ETF League Tables

ETF League Table As Of March 24, 2017

Assets under management for most ETF issuers only saw modest changes on Friday, March 24.

ETF League Tables

ETF League Table As Of March 23, 2017

Most ETF issuers saw modest inflows into their products on Thursday, March 23. Analysis

A Response To Jim Cramer’s ‘Why I’m Against ETFs’

CNBC’s Mad Monday host misconstrues some ETFs benefits as liabilities.

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SEC Shortens Trade Settlement To 2 Days

Time between exchange of cash and security gets cut by a day.

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Thursday Hot Reads: 3 ETF Charts Waving Red Flags

Millennials fuel ongoing expansion in ETF industry.

ETF League Tables

ETF League Table As Of March 22, 2017

The top three ETF issuers each had more than $1.1 billion in total inflows into their products on Wednesday, March 22. Analysis

Barclays ETNs Crowd Path Of The Walking Dead

When it comes to exchange-traded products with the lowest assets, one issuer dominates the crowd.

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ETFs With The Largest Premiums & Discounts

While the vast majority of ETFs trade close to their net asset values, a handful have strayed far from their NAVs.