Daily ETF Flows

'VGK' Leads Outflows List

The Europe-focused ETF had outflows of nearly $500 million on Monday, July 18.

ETF Industry Perspective

Vanguard: What Could 'Brexit' Bring?

Nothing is clear right now—it will be years before the effects play out.

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Bond ETFs Surge As Treasury Yields Hit Record Lows

The benchmark 10-year bond yield dipped to a record low, pushing bond ETFs higher.

ETF Report

 Midyear Report: Risk-Off ETFs Attracting Assets

Gold and minimum-volatility funds pulled in billions of dollars year-to-date.

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How To Short Europe ETFs In Face Of 'Brexit'

If risk is on your mind following the 'Brexit' vote, short-selling Europe-related ETFs could be your cup of tea.

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Volatility Signals Growing Investor Concern, But No Panic

In the wake of ‘Brexit,’ volatility is elevated, but it was higher earlier in the year.

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‘Brexit’ Triggered Worst Global Equity Loss Ever

The more than $2 trillion erased on Friday even topped Lehman Bros. bankruptcy.

ETF Industry Perspective

IndexIQ: UK Votes To Leave EU

Uncertainty likely to be followed by opportunities.

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World Stocks Plunge As UK Votes For EU Exit

British Prime Minister Cameron will step down.