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UK ETFs At Record Highs, Fooling Bearish Forecasters

The Brexit vote was supposed to be unambiguously bearish for stocks, and particularly U.K. stocks. Instead, they surged.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly Flows Show Investors Like 'GLD' & 'VWO' Despite Pullback

More than $500 million came into each of the funds this week.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETF Asset Inflows Remain Strong In Sept At More Than $17B

Investors added almost $8 billion into U.S.-listed ETFs in the latest week.

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Worst Performing ETFs Of The Year

The worst-performing funds of 2016 have hefty losses on the year, but could this be a buying opportunity for investors?

ETF Report

 The Risks & Rewards Of Currency Hedged Bond ETFs

With so much global turmoil, have currency-hedged bond ETFs finally found their time to shine?

Weekly ETF Flows

XLE & GLD Top Weekly Flows; DBEF's Assets Plunge

The latest weekly flows showed that investors favored fixed-income and commodity ETFs, while shunning international equity ETFs.

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Most Unpopular ETFs Of The Year

Investors bet heavily on Europe and Japan ETFs heading into 2016, but their bullish thesis failed to materialize.

Weekly ETF Flows

Gold & Emerging Markets Top Weekly Inflows

Gold, corporate bonds and emerging market ETFs were in favor in the latest week.

ETF Strategist Corner

These ETFs Offer Value As Global Markets Grind On

Here are some alternative and foreign-focused funds offering more upside than their U.S. counterparts.