Europe ETF Overview

With 117 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets, Europe ETFs gather total assets under management of $78.29B. The average expense ratio is 0.60%. Europe ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Equity
  • Currency
  • Alternatives

The largest Europe ETF is the Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF VGK with $18.74B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best performing Europe ETF was the EURL at 45.11%. The most-recent ETF launched in the Europe space was the Barclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series C FFEU in 03/15/18.


RUSSDirexion Daily Russia Bear 3x Shares22.30%
EURLDirexion Daily FTSE Europe Bull 3X Shares5.01%
DCHFVelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs CHF ETN4.69%
GREKGlobal X MSCI Greece ETF4.66%
IFEUiShares Europe Developed Real Estate ETF4.54%


RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares-30.71%
FLRUFranklin FTSE Russia ETF-12.60%
ERUSiShares MSCI Russia ETF-11.12%
RSXJVanEck Vectors Russia Small-Cap ETF-10.87%
DGBPVelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs GBP ETN-10.56%

top creations

FFEUBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series C413.23
RFEUFirst Trust RiverFront Dynamic Europe33.11
FLEUBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series B23.63
RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares12.17
PTEUPacer Trendpilot European Index ETF10.62

top redemptions

EZUiShares MSCI Eurozone ETF-1,811.90
EWUiShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF-657.56
FEEUBarclays ETN+FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN-431.62
VGKVanguard FTSE Europe ETF-417.16
HEDJWisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund-310.54


FFEUBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN Series C1,779.58%
EUFLDirexion Daily MSCI European Financials Bull 2X Shares49.07%
FXEPowerShares CurrencyShares Euro Trust18.02%
EXIVVelocityShares 1X Daily Inverse VSTOXX Futures ETN15.23%
RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 3x Shares12.98%


FEEUBarclays ETN+FI Enhanced Europe 50 ETN-91.60%
EWUSiShares MSCI United Kingdom Small Cap ETF-31.03%
TURiShares MSCI Turkey ETF-27.31%
EPVProShares UltraShort FTSE Europe-22.15%
ERUSiShares MSCI Russia ETF-21.79%

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