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Top Performing Fixed Income ETFs

Most fixed-income ETFs have rallied so far this year, flying in the face of analysts' expectations. 

Weekly ETF Flows

Nearly $6B Flows Into Fixed Income ETFs Like 'GBIL'

Six of the 10 ETFs on the top creations list for the week were fixed-income products.

ETF Strategist Corner

Global Growth Has Room To Run

Europe and Japan economic expansion is just getting started.

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: How To Get A Free ETF

Also, two boring but successful bond ETFs.

Weekly ETF Flows

Fixed Income ETFs Power Weekly Flows Of $8.2B

'GBIL,' 'TLT' and 'HYG' were some of the fixed-income winners this week.

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BlackRock: 3 Market Themes Ahead

In its midyear outlook, the asset management giant calls investors to jump into the nice, warm equity waters.

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How To Invest In Bitcoin & Marijuana ETFs

Two assets unavailable in an ETF wrapper in the U.S. are readily available in other countries. 

Weekly ETF Flows

'IEFA' Hot, 'EMB' Not, In Latest Weekly ETF Flows

U.S.-listed ETFs had a modest amount of inflows in the week ending Thursday, July 6.

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Nadig: Record 1st Half ETF Flows

ETFs enter the second half of the year with record inflows of $247 billion and record assets under management.