Federal Reserve Overview

The Federal Reserve of the United States is a U.S. government agency in charge of regulating the money supply and banking institutions of the United States. The Fed actions and decisions are of great importance for the economy. The Fed mandate is to achieve maximum employment, stable prices and to moderate long-term interest rates.

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Friday Hot Reads: Biotech ETFs Heating Up

What biotech ETFs to consider now, and a look at the resilience of dividend ETF investors.

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: Why China ETF ‘KBA’ Swelled In Size

Also, the stock market belongs to bots.

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Why Bond ETFs Surged Despite Fed Rate Hike

The 10-year bond yield dropped to its lowest levels of the year, even as the Fed hiked rates. 

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Fed Raises Rates; Cuts Bond Holdings

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Wednesday Hot Reads: ‘Vampire’ ETFs Impacting Bank Stocks

Also, dividend ETFs come under pressure of rising rates.

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Monday Hot Reads: 3 ETFs For Retirement Investing

Also, Horizons announces changes to pot ETF.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETFs See $11B In Inflows In One Week

Demand for international equity and U.S. fixed-income ETFs remains strong. 

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US Job Growth Slows; Jobless Rate Falls

Fewer workers rather than more jobs lowers the unemployment rate.

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ETF Investors Looking To Park Cash

Asset flows into funds like 'MINT' and 'NEAR' suggest investors are holding on to cash for a while.