Financial Advisor Overview

ETFs are changing the financial advisor industry. As mutual funds continue to lose assets to the far more tax-efficient, liquid, lower-cost and specialized ETFs, financial advisors need to keep up to speed on the latest ETF trends. Our advisor channel provides a single place for you to get up to speed to see how other advisors are using ETFs.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Important Changes In The Nature Of REITs

If REIT valuations remain unchanged, future returns are likely to prove disappointing.

ETF Report

How Investors Are Using Smart Beta ETFs

You may be surprised by what we learned.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: The Problems With Formulaic Value Investing

Blind faith in a quant strategy ignores the human value in due diligence.

Features and News

How To Tell If A Smart Beta Trade Is Crowded

Astor Investments’ Deepika Sharma discusses the firm’s approach to smart-beta strategies.

Daily Hot Reads

Tuesday Hot Reads: Fiduciary Rule To Take Effect June 9

Also, four ETF and stock charts to tap revenue growth.

ETF Strategist Corner

The Problem With Factor Investing Research

Positive-result incentives call into question legitimacy of academic and investment research.

Features and News

Senators Warn About Shelving Fiduciary Rule

Democratic leaders say Labor Secretary has ‘prejudiced the outcome of the review.’

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Worst Performing ETFs All Have One Thing In Common

Also, a look into whether smart-beta ETFs and active management can coexist. Analysis

Smart Beta ETFs Tilt Target Date Funds

Asset allocation seeing more multifactor approaches using ETFs.