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ETFs are changing the financial advisor industry. As mutual funds continue to lose assets to the far more tax-efficient, liquid, lower-cost and specialized ETFs, financial advisors need to keep up to speed on the latest ETF trends. Our advisor channel provides a single place for you to get up to speed to see how other advisors are using ETFs.

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Friday Hot Reads: 13 Contrarian Economic Predictions For 2017

Also, BlackRock’s Matt Tucker's expectations for the bond market this year.

Features and News

ETF Industry Revenue Challenged By Fee Wars

ETF issuers know too well that ETF asset growth doesn’t always mean revenue. Analysis

‘We Guarantee You Won’t Lose Money’

What if financial advisors guaranteed capital preservation?

Features and News

The Challenges—& Successes—Of Running An ETF Biz

We take a closer look at the growing pains of an ETF issuer rising in the ranks.

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Tuesday Hot Reads: Big Week For Financial Sector ETFs

Also, someone placed a big bearish bet on retail fund ‘XRT.’

Features and News

SEC Offers 10 Tips For Better Investing

The common-sense ideas are designed to protect investors from scams and fraud. Analysis

10 Talks You Should Catch At Inside ETFs This Year

From sports to comedy, psychology, behavioral economics, finance, politics and even procrastination.

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Multifactor ETFs Poised To Grow In 2017

Challenge for investors will be knowing and understanding what’s underneath the hood of each.

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Wednesday Hot Reads: Ready For Financial Research On Steroids?

Wall St.’s outlook for the S&P 500 most bearish in 12 years.