Financial Advisor Overview

ETFs are changing the financial advisor industry. As mutual funds continue to lose assets to the far more tax-efficient, liquid, lower-cost and specialized ETFs, financial advisors need to keep up to speed on the latest ETF trends. Our advisor channel provides a single place for you to get up to speed to see how other advisors are using ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: We Already Had The Bear Market

Also,  millennials don’t trust investment advisers.

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BofA Advisory Revenue Rises Amid Fiduciary Change

Move to fee-based retirement from commission-based didn’t slow business.

Daily Hot Reads

Tuesday Hot Reads: Billions Pour Into These Index Funds & ETFs

In anticipation of the fiduciary rule, assets have flocked to index funds.

ETF Strategist Corner

How To Predict Bond ETF Returns

It’s not always clear where the market is headed, but there’s an easy-to-understand rule that helps you forecast returns.

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ETFs With The Lowest Valuations

With the U.S. stock market trading at lofty P/E ratios, value investors must look elsewhere to find bargains.

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BAML Wants Younger Advisors In Its ‘Thundering Herd’

Merrill Lynch acknowledges difficulty in attracting millennials to brokerage jobs.

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SEC Targets Fake Stock News On Financial Websites

Twenty-seven individuals and entities were charged with misleading investors into believing they were reading ‘independent, unbiased analyses.’

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ETF Strategist Space Struggling To Grow

The ETF industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but ETF strategists continue to struggle to gain market share. 

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BlackRock’s Active Gambit Ups Pressure On Rivals