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Features and News

What Is Smart Beta In Fixed Income ETFs?

An interview with IndexIQ’s Sal Bruno on how factor investing works with bonds.

Features and News

ETF Investors Looking To Park Cash

Asset flows into funds like 'MINT' and 'NEAR' suggest investors are holding on to cash for a while. 


Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Important Changes In The Nature Of REITs

If REIT valuations remain unchanged, future returns are likely to prove disappointing.

Daily ETF Flows

Inflows Of $130M For 'GDVD'

The global dividend fund saw its AUM jump almost 30% on Thursday, May 25.

Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly Outflows From US Equity ETFs Despite Record Highs

U.S. equity ETFs registered outflows for a fourth-straight week, but international equity ETFs picked up the slack. 

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: A Step By Step Guide To ETF Investing

Also, these ETFs can help fight interest rate risk.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: Religious ETFs Coming To Bond Market

Also, commodity ETFs engaged in quiet fee war.

Daily ETF Flows

'QQQ' Assets Top $50B

The tech-heavy 'QQQ' had inflows of $1.8 billion on Tuesday, May 23.

Daily Hot Reads

Tuesday Hot Reads: Fiduciary Rule To Take Effect June 9

Also, four ETF and stock charts to tap revenue growth.