Franklin Templeton ETF Overview

Franklin Templeton has 0 ETF traded in the U.S. markets with total assets under management of -- and an average expense ratio of --.


FLHKFranklin FTSE Hong Kong ETF9.08%
FLCHFranklin FTSE China ETF8.14%
FLBRFranklin FTSE Brazil ETF6.20%
FLTWFranklin FTSE Taiwan ETF5.60%
FLRUFranklin FTSE Russia ETF5.49%


FLINFranklin FTSE India ETF-3.01%
FLJHFranklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETF-2.15%
FLSWFranklin FTSE Switzerland ETF-1.60%
FLCOFranklin Liberty Investment Grade Corporate ETF-0.93%
FLIYFranklin FTSE Italy ETF-0.56%

top creations

FLBRFranklin FTSE Brazil ETF17.17
FLJHFranklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETF16.20
FLEHFranklin FTSE Europe Hedged ETF10.04
FTSDFranklin Liberty Short Duration U.S. Government ETF2.39
FLKRFranklin FTSE South Korea ETF--

top redemptions

FLQEFranklin LibertyQ Emerging Markets ETF-7.02
FLQDFranklin LibertyQ Global Dividend ETF--
FLQHFranklin LibertyQ International Equity Hedged ETF--
FLQGFranklin LibertyQ Global Equity ETF--
FLAXFranklin FTSE Asia ex Japan ETF--


FLBRFranklin FTSE Brazil ETF64.97%
FLQSFranklin LibertyQ U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF4.61%
FLQLFranklin LibertyQ U.S. Equity ETF3.44%
FLQMFranklin LibertyQ U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF3.26%
FLRUFranklin FTSE Russia ETF3.22%


FLJHFranklin FTSE Japan Hedged ETF-6.21%
FLMXFranklin FTSE Mexico ETF-4.62%
FLINFranklin FTSE India ETF-3.12%
FLJPFranklin FTSE Japan ETF-2.72%
FLCHFranklin FTSE China ETF-2.71%

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