Frontier Markets ETF Overview

Frontier markets ETFs invest in the equity of companies outside of the developed and emerging economic development categories. These developing countries are usually considered too small to be emerging markets, and their financial markets are too illiquid for investors. They are considered the riskiest markets, but many analysts believe there are pricing inefficiencies that investors can take advantage of.

Frontier markets ETFs are part of this market segment:

ETF Results:

8 ETFs
As of 10/19/2017
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFBlackRock0.79%$646.54M0.20%Equity: Frontier Markets - Total Market
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETFVanEck0.66%$300.87M0.14%Equity: Vietnam - Total Market
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETFGlobal X0.59%$172.74M0.24%Equity: Argentina - Total Market
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETFGuggenheim0.70%$76.94M0.21%Equity: Frontier Markets - Total Market
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETFGlobal X1.10%$65.37M0.76%Equity: Nigeria - Total Market
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETFGlobal X0.91%$55.38M0.30%Equity: Pakistan - Total Market
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETFBlackRock0.59%$23.03M0.16%Equity: Argentina - Total Market
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend FundWisdomTree0.88%$16.01M0.61%Equity: Frontier Middle East & Africa - Total Market
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF1.44%10.31%27.66%7.47%--   10/19/2017
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF3.06%5.73%6.45%1.72%--   10/19/2017
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF-0.22%5.75%29.61%12.92%--   10/19/2017
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETF-1.47%5.36%31.44%-3.05%--   10/19/2017
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETF8.37%13.13%23.51%--   --   10/19/2017
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETF-4.67%-10.85%-6.49%--   --   10/19/2017
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETF-0.07%4.53%--   --   --   10/19/2017
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund-0.65%1.12%8.94%7.56%--   10/19/2017
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFBlackRockEquity: Frontier Markets - Total MarketF505785
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETFVanEckEquity: Vietnam - Total MarketD735930
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETFGlobal XEquity: Argentina - Total MarketC678429
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETFGuggenheimEquity: Frontier Markets - Total MarketF594454
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETFGlobal XEquity: Nigeria - Total MarketF541489
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETFGlobal XEquity: Pakistan - Total Market--------
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETFBlackRockEquity: Argentina - Total MarketF595726
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend FundWisdomTreeEquity: Frontier Middle East & Africa - Total MarketF551378
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF0.95%15.201.84 ------
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF2.06%22.142.08 ------
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF0.27%31.232.70 ------
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETF3.21%12.451.94 ------
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETF0.48%9.901.24 ------
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETF3.64%7.891.52 ------
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETF--30.792.71 ------
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund2.00%12.471.48 ------
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETF
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETF
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETF
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETF
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund
iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFFMEquityVanillaFrontier MarketsFrontier MarketsSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMSCI Frontier Markets 100 IndexMSCIMarket CapMarket CapNo
VanEck Vectors Vietnam ETFVNMEquityVanillaAsia-PacificVietnamSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMVIS Vietnam IndexVan EckMarket CapMarket CapNo
Global X MSCI Argentina ETFARGTEquityVanillaLatin AmericaArgentinaSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMSCI All Argentina 25/50 IndexMSCIMarket CapMarket CapNo
Guggenheim Frontier Markets ETFFRNEquityDepositary ReceiptsFrontier MarketsFrontier MarketsSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoBNY Mellon New Frontier IndexBNYDepository ReceiptsMarket CapNo
Global X MSCI Nigeria ETFNGEEquityVanillaMiddle East & AfricaNigeriaSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMSCI All Nigeria Select 25/50 IndexMSCIMarket CapMarket CapNo
Global X MSCI Pakistan ETFPAKEquityVanillaAsia-PacificPakistanSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMSCI All Pakistan Select 25/50 IndexMSCIMarket CapMarket CapNo
iShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETFAGTEquityVanillaLatin AmericaArgentinaSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoMSCI All Argentina 25/50 IndexMSCIMarket CapMarket CapNo
WisdomTree Middle East Dividend FundGULFEquityDividendsMiddle East & AfricaFrontier Middle East & AfricaSize and StyleTotal MarketBroad-basedNoNoNoWisdomTree Middle East Dividend IndexWisdomTreeDividendsDividendsNo
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend FundOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
FMiShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF------------
VNMVanEck Vectors Vietnam ETF------------
ARGTGlobal X MSCI Argentina ETF------------
FRNGuggenheim Frontier Markets ETF------------
NGEGlobal X MSCI Nigeria ETF6.08 / 1098.1473.14641.490.02%20.55%
PAKGlobal X MSCI Pakistan ETF------------
AGTiShares MSCI Argentina and Global Exposure ETF------------
GULFWisdomTree Middle East Dividend Fund------------

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