Futures Overview

Futures contracts are financial instruments traded in organized exchanges to buy or sell assets, especially commodities or shares, at a fixed price on a future date.

Futures also serve as underlying holdings of several ETFs, especially commodity funds, which do not buy the physical commodity, but track the futures contract price.

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Billionaires Don’t Use Index Funds

Plus, comments from Fed officials should serve as a flag for traders.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Triple Exposure Oil Funds Launch

New ETFs offer 300%, -300% exposure to performance of crude oil futures. 

ETF.com Analysis

Always A Change Of Storms With Volatility ETFs

Investors need to understand the nature of short-term VIX funds like XIV and SVXY.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: iPath Launches NatGas ETN Clone

The Barclays unit is rolling out a sequel to its natural gas ETN that is closed for creations, and has outlined ways for investors to swap the old for the new. 

Features and News

CBOE Completes $3.4B Bats Acquisition

The two exchange companies have already begun the integration of their staff and services.

Features and News

The Best Trump Trade No One Expected

The best-performing trade since the election is not what you think.

ETF.com Analysis

Surging US Oil Production Head Wind For Energy ETFs

OPEC may have cut production, but U.S. producers are quickly filling the void.

ETF Report

Why Leveraged/Inverse ETFs Perform So Poorly

Leveraged/inverse ETFs tend to trend downward over the long term. What you should know before you buy.

ETF.com Analysis

2016: The Volatility Year That Wasn’t

Calm markets, however, still presented opportunities for gains, and losses.