Index Investor Corner

Active Large Cap Hot Streak Doesn’t Add Up

Recent claims of active equity outperformance are overblown.

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Smaller Foreign ETFs Beating The Big Boys

ETFs being big and popular don't always mean they're the best-performing. Analysis

How Factors Can Skew ETF Exposure

Factor screens can lead to higher concentration compared to market cap.

ETF Strategist Corner

Why Now’s The Time For Int’l ETFs

Three reasons investors should look beyond the U.S. right now. 

Weekly ETF Flows

Strong Weekly ETF Flows Puts Record At Hand

New annual inflows record could be a week away.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETF Annual Inflow Record About To Be Broken

Int’l equity and fixed income are among the most popular asset classes this year. 

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: Q&A With Vanguard’s New CEO

Also, what is smart beta really replacing, active or passive?

Daily Hot Reads

Friday Hot Reads: Why Bogle Doesn’t Fly First Class

Also, biotech stocks break out.

Daily Hot Reads

Thursday Hot Reads: Young Americans Buying Up ETFs

Also, new ‘FANG’ tech ETF arrives.