Gold ETF Overview

Gold ETFs offer investors a great alternative to access the gold market. From funds continuously tracking the price of gold, to funds covering the global gold mining industry, gold ETFs have amassed significant assets and have become popular instruments for investors and traders alike.

This channel will help you understand gold ETFs, how they work, the different ETFs available, their benefits and risks, and will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

Gold ETF University

Need to learn more about gold ETFs? Check out our gold ETF University articles to learn everything from the core principles to more advanced topics.

Weekly ETF Flows

'QQQ' Fuels Positive Weekly Flows Despite Heavy Selling In 'SPY'

Inflows into U.S.-listed ETFs remained in positive territory this week despite a big outflow from the world's largest ETF.

Weekly ETF Flows

Investors Start 2017 With A Bang, Add $13B To ETFs

When it comes to flows, 2017 started out how 2016 ended.

ETF Strategist Corner

ETF Hits & Misses For 2016

Some areas of the market saw big turnarounds—for better and for worse.

Features and News

Wednesday Hot Reads: Ready For Financial Research On Steroids?

Wall St.’s outlook for the S&P 500 most bearish in 12 years.

Features and News

Top Performing ETFs Of The Year

Despite a year of surprises, these 10 ETFs surged by 50% or more.

Weekly ETF Flows

New Record High For Flows As Real Estate Gathers Assets

Investors added $10.5 billion into U.S.-listed ETFs, sending 2016's flows total into record territory.

Features and News

Tuesday Hot Reads: Millennials Play With ETF Fire

Exchange-traded funds have never been more popular, particularly after the election.

Features and News

Monday Hot Reads: 3-ETF Portfolio That Pays You 11%

The gold ETF miner dilemma again playing out: To buy or not to buy?

Weekly ETF Flows

Yearly ETF Inflows Set New Record

The post-election stampede into ETFs continued this week, pushing 2016's total inflows into record territory.