Goldman Sachs ETF Overview

Goldman Sachs has 13 ETFs traded in the U.S. markets with total assets under management of $6.46 B and an average expense ratio of 0.38%.

The largest Goldman Sachs ETF is the Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (GSLC) with $2.72 B in assets. In the last 12 months, the best performing Goldman Sachs ETF was the Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta Emerging Markets Equity ETF (GEM) at 28.69%. The most-recent ETF launched by Goldman Sachs was the Goldman Sachs Equal Weight U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (GSEW) in September 2017.

Goldman Sachs offers ETFs in the following asset classes:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Equity
  • Commodities
  • Fixed Income

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