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ETF Hits & Misses For 2016

Some areas of the market saw big turnarounds—for better and for worse.

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Top Sector ETFs Of 2016

Sector earnings growth and performance didn't match up this year.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: First Wearable Tech Fund Debuts

Exchange Traded Concepts launches a fund covering technology you can wear.

Podcasts Podcast: Trump Alters Stock & Bond Dynamics

Sector sentiment and bond yields changed overnight. Analysis

Why The Dow Is Beating The S&P 500 & Nasdaq

Each of the three popular indexes paints a somewhat different picture of the post-election stock market rally. Analysis

Why Markets Fooled Investors After Trump Won

The market did the exact opposite of what everyone thought.

Weekly ETF Flows

Investors Pour $24 Billion Into ETFs Amid Trump Victory

Investors were waiting to put money to work in ETFs and the end of the election gave them the green light to do so.

Weekly ETF Flows

EM Bond & Gold ETFs In Favor, Sector ETFs Out Of Favor

Investors plowed $5 billion into U.S.-listed ETFs in the latest week.