Index Providers ETF Overview

Index providers are a key pillar of the ETF industry. Indexes are important because their methodology dictates the selection and weighting an ETF may attempt to track. At first, index providers covered the markets with popular regions and sectors. But index providers have started to create specialized benchmarks for different types of investing.

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ETF Of The Week: Saudi Arabia ‘KSA’ Shines

'KSA' gets a lift as MSCI agrees to add Saudi Arabia to its emerging markets index.

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What Twitter In S&P 500 Means To ETFs

Tech company’s upcoming inclusion in the S&P 500 Index impacts different pockets of the ETF universe.

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Coming To An ETF Near You: China A-Shares

China-A shares now included in MSCI indices. Here’s what it means for your portfolio.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Many First-Of-A-Kind Filings

Issuers got very creative this week with novel ideas for new funds.

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Rob Arnott: Index Investors ‘Buy High, Sell Low’

It's because they're too obsessed with tracking error, says Research Affiliates’ CEO.

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Record ETF Inflows Not What They Seem

Large inflows followed by large outflows may signal fund managers’ attempts to minimize capital gains distributions.

ETF Strategist Corner

Media's Misunderstanding Of ETFs

ETFs get a lot of bad rap every time there’s trouble in the market, but it’s a lot of nonsense.

ETF Strategist Corner

ETF Industry Ripe For Consolidation

As the industry matures and products saturate the market, a strategist assesses where opportunities lie.

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Inside ETFs: FTSE Russell's Bundy On The Index Biz

FTSE Russell's Global Head of Accounts Ron Bundy shares how the index provider digests day-to-day macroeconomic events, and how that impacts its indices.