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Weekly ETF Flows

Weekly ETF Inflows At Record Despite Monday Selling

Annual ETF inflows hit a fresh record high despite a roadbump on Monday.

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Tuesday Hot Reads: Emerging Market ETF Hits 6 Year High

Also, world ETF 'ACWI' hits 52-week high.

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Cheaper Equal Weight Equity ETF Debuts

New fund comes in at half the cost of Guggenheim's fund.

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Least Popular ETFs Of The Year

The world's largest ETF is just one of several major ETFs to shed assets so far in 2017.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Targets GOP Friendly Firms

'MAGA' screens the S&P 500 to highlight firms donating to the Republican Party.

ETF Strategist Corner

Dynamic Sleeve No Trick Portfolio Play

Teamed with core holdings, tactical allocations can boost performance and defense.

ETF Strategist Corner

Geopolitical Noise? Don’t Worry About It

Why ignoring the noise and diversifying with ETFs offer a smoother ride. Analysis

ETFs Pass Trading Test Every Day

Market hiccups will always happen, and ETFs are built for that.

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Why Options ETFs Are Gaining Traction

Assets under management in this segment are quietly growing due to the popularity of one new fund.