Middle East and Africa ETF Overview

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Frontier Market ETFs Poised To Become Riskier

MSCI's reclassification of Pakistan to emerging market status raises some issues for frontier market indices and ETFs.

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Why Israeli Tech Stocks Are ‘Underowned & Undiscovered’

Index pioneer and Blue Star Index founder says investors have a blind spot when it comes to the country’s tech market.

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Worst Performing ETFs Of 2016

These 10 ETFs dropped by 30% or more despite a rally in the broad market.

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Why OPEC Cuts Will Fail To Prop Up Oil ETFs

Last week's OPEC decision was all talk and no action.

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 Countries In Review

The Global X Nigeria ETF, NGE, outperformed all the other country funds in May.

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Saudi Arabia ETF On Front Line Of Change

The Saudi Prince’s ambitious plans for economic change could broaden investor access.

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Top Emerging Market ETFs Are Flawed

The bullish long-term story for emerging markets is still intact, says one expert, but don't buy the largest ETFs in the space.

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Currency Pain Hits Emerging Market ETFs

It's been a dismal start to 2016 for emerging market ETFs.

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Best ETF Of 2015 Crushed To Start 2016

Markets are routed on the first trading day of 2016.