Oil ETF Overview

Investing in oil ETFs can be a complex endeavor. For most investors, even large traders, taking delivery of oil and storing it is simply impractical or impossible to do. Thus, oil ETFs have become a popular instrument with which to access the oil market. In today's market, investors can find ETFs that track the daily price of oil and that aim to mitigate the effects of contango and backwardation, as well as ETFs exposed to companies in the oil sector.

This channel is designed to help you understand oil ETFs, how they are built, how they behave, their objectives, their risks and their rewards.

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OPEC may have cut production, but U.S. producers are quickly filling the void.

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Proposed ETF will invest in MLPs and take short positions in oil futures.

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Daily ETF Watch

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2016 A Record Year For ETF Closures

Factors other than lack of assets also sent some funds packing.

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