Smart-Beta ETF Overview

Smart beta has emerged as one of the most exciting and hotly debated investment trends of the past 10 years. Going by many different names (strategic beta, fundamental indexing, factor investing and more), smart beta is a catchall term for rules-based strategies that aim to deliver better risk-adjusted returns than traditional market-cap-weighted indexes. Today there are hundreds of ETFs, and, if you count institutional assets, hundreds of billions of dollars benchmarked against smart-beta indexes.

Smart-Beta ETF University

Need to learn more about smart-beta ETFs? Check out our Smart-Beta ETF University articles to learn everything from the core principles to more advanced topics.

Features and News

What Is Smart Beta In Fixed Income ETFs?

An interview with IndexIQ’s Sal Bruno on how factor investing works with bonds.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: Not Much Vanilla In May Launches

So far in May, 20 new ETFs have come to market, and none of them are your plain-vanilla passive kind.

ETF Report

Smart Beta Bond ETFs Hiding In Plain Sight

You might be holding a smart-beta bond ETF and not even know it.

ETF Report

How Investors Are Using Smart Beta ETFs

You may be surprised by what we learned.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: The Problems With Formulaic Value Investing

Blind faith in a quant strategy ignores the human value in due diligence.

Features and News

How To Tell If A Smart Beta Trade Is Crowded

Astor Investments’ Deepika Sharma discusses the firm’s approach to smart-beta strategies.

ETF Strategist Corner

The Problem With Factor Investing Research

Positive-result incentives call into question legitimacy of academic and investment research.

Features and News

Research Affiliates: Why Factor Tilts Are Not Smart ‘Smart Beta’

Our analysis of three first-generation smart-beta strategies shows factor-replicated portfolios are ineffective substitutes for their smart-beta counterparts.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Problems With The Factor Zoo

Many core factors don’t stand up to rigorous examination.