Software ETF Overview

There are 3 Software ETFs which can be found in the following analytics segments:

ETF Results:

3 ETFs
As of 10/20/2017
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETFBlackRock0.48%$1.11B0.04%Equity: North America Software
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software PortfolioInvesco PowerShares0.63%$125.94M0.15%Equity: U.S. Software
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETFState Street Global Advisors0.35%$54.08M0.16%Equity: U.S. Software
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETF4.51%6.86%37.39%20.92%11.85%10/20/2017
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software Portfolio7.04%12.42%37.94%19.31%12.32%10/20/2017
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETF5.08%6.29%27.67%18.45%--   10/20/2017
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETFBlackRockEquity: North America SoftwareA929772
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software PortfolioInvesco PowerSharesEquity: U.S. SoftwareB886648
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETFState Street Global AdvisorsEquity: U.S. SoftwareB926636
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETF0.11%60.216.73 ------
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software Portfolio0.02%143.165.21 ------
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETF0.45%97.155.44 ------
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETF
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software Portfolio
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETF
iShares North American Tech-Software ETFIGVEquityVanillaNorth AmericaNorth AmericaSectorTechnologySoftwareNoNoNoS&P North American Technology - Software IndexS&PMarket CapMarket CapNo
PowerShares Dynamic Software PortfolioPSJEquityMulti-factorNorth AmericaU.S.SectorTechnologySoftwareNoNoNoDynamic Software Intellidex IndexNYSEMulti-FactorTieredNo
SPDR S&P Software & Services ETFXSWEquityEqualNorth AmericaU.S.SectorTechnologySoftwareNoNoNoS&P Software & Services Select Industry IndexS&PMarket CapEqualNo
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software PortfolioOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETFOpen-Ended Fund20.0039.601099
IGViShares North American Tech-Software ETF6.17 / 1079.5575.5714.4018.52%--
PSJPowerShares Dynamic Software Portfolio4.93 / 1025.0032.5315.9813.05%--
XSWSPDR S&P Software & Services ETF4.65 / 1018.1823.8813.1811.60%4.84%

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