S&P Global Water Index ETF Overview

The S&P Global Water Index measures the performance of Theme securities and is selected by a Market Cap process. Currently, 1 ETF track the S&P Global Water Index with more than $576.96 M in ETP assets with an average expense ratio of 0.61%. The largest ETF is Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW) by Invesco with $576.96 M in assets.

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Why Water ETFs May Belong In Your Portfolio

With six ETFs to choose from, investors have their pick in an industry with a strong investment case behind it.

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Hedge Fund: Water ETFs For Long Term

The long-term prospects look solid for solar, water ETFs, according to one hedge fund manager.

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Pollution, Aged Pipes Pump Up Water ETFs

Increasingly scarce clean water is translating into gains for water-related ETFs.

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 Who Is Guggenheim Partners?

With its purchase of Rydex SGI in February, a little-known asset manager by the name of Guggenheim Partners suddenly became the seventh-largest ETF provider in the U.S. Prior to its purchase of Claymore Securities just seven months earlier, Guggenheim had only been involved in one product for retail investors. The truly shocking part is the whole thing might have been an accident.

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Who's Winning The ETF Race?

In a sneak preview from January's Exchange-Traded Funds Report, we look at the state of the ETF industry in 2010.

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 Who’s Winning The ETF Race?

There’s little question: The exchange-traded fund industry is booming. At the end of November 2009, U.S. ETF assets hit a new all-time high, of $752 billion, and inflows into ETFs were set to top $100 billion for the year. Based on prevailing expense ratios alone, the industry was earning $2.62 billion in annual fees.