Theme ETF Overview

Theme ETFs seek to capture investment opportunities in companies or sectors created by long-term structural trends.

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Why Water ETFs May Belong In Your Portfolio

With six ETFs to choose from, investors have their pick in an industry with a strong investment case behind it. Analysis

HACK & ROBO Funds On A Technical Roll

The cybersecurity and robotics funds are seeing surging demand and performance.

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Friday Hot Reads: Low Carbon ETFs Catch A Spark Since Trump Win

Also, Twitter price plummets, dinging social media ETF.

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Beware The Value Traps In Indexes

Disruptive-innovation investing can be a hedge against the pitfalls of passive investing.

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CNBC:’s Nadig On Trump ETFs & Other Strange Ideas

Bob Pisani chats with CEO Dave Nadig at this week’s Inside ETFs in Hollywood, Florida.

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Key Differences Between 2 Cybersecurity ETFs

With all eyes on cybersecurity, it’s good to know how 'HACK' and 'CIBR' differ.

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Tuesday Hot Reads: 5 Ominous Signs For The Securities Industry

Also, why don’t more women run mutual funds?

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Finalists Announced For 2016 Awards

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Thursday Hot Reads: 10 Predictions For The ETF Industry In 2017

Analysts see the S&P 500 rising 10% this year.