Treasury ETF Overview

Treasury ETFs hold U.S. government debt instruments of varying maturities. They also provide low-cost access to different key points of the yield curve or to the entire yield curve, depending on the fund. These ETFs often have lower yields than riskier bonds, but they are fully backed by the credit and taxing power of U.S. government.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Watch: JP Morgan Launches Bond Fund

the Actively managed ETF covers the ‘ultra-short-term’ fixed-income space.


ETF Strategist Corner

Why Bank Loan ETFs Offer Yield Opportunity

This pocket of fixed income has factors going for it that could make these ETFs outperform.

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3 Market Surprises Impacting ETFs

The business of reading crystal balls is tricky, with surprises always lurking.

Daily Hot Reads

Wednesday Hot Reads: ETFs For Those In Their 50s

Also, House passes bill to improve access to ETF research.

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This Treasury Bond ETF Trade Is Hot Again

No one wanted long-dated Treasury bond funds, but it seems risk-off is gaining ground again. 

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US Job Growth Slows Sharply As Jobless Rate Falls

Weak job growth in March doesn’t keep unemployment rate from dipping.

Daily Hot Reads

Tuesday Hot Reads: This ETF Gives You Triple The Yield Of The 10-Year Treasury

Also, advisors should scrutinize mutual funds that hold ETFs.

Index Investor Corner

How To Beat Bond ETF Returns Without More Risk

Brokered certificates of deposit offer as close as you can get to a free-lunch investment.

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Top Performing ETFs Of The Year

Gains for the top 15 ETFs of the first quarter ranged from 22% to 63%.