Treasury ETF Overview

Treasury ETFs hold U.S. government debt instruments of varying maturities. They also provide low-cost access to different key points of the yield curve or to the entire yield curve, depending on the fund. These ETFs often have lower yields than riskier bonds, but they are fully backed by the credit and taxing power of U.S. government.

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Monday Hot Reads: Vanguard Assets Top $4 Trillion

Also, many traders seem to anticipate bitcoin ETF approval.

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BlackRock CEO: Markets Ahead Of Themselves

Larry Fink says he thinks 10-year Treasury yield more likely to go below 2% than above 4%.

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Wednesday Hot Reads: ETF Industry Diversifying Wall St.

Also, is smart beta a fad? Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas says no.

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What To Do About Your Fixed Income Portfolio

A panel of fixed-income experts offers their best investment ideas for the year.

Weekly ETF Flows

'QQQ' Fuels Positive Weekly Flows Despite Heavy Selling In 'SPY'

Inflows into U.S.-listed ETFs remained in positive territory this week despite a big outflow from the world's largest ETF.

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ETF Watch: Davis Launches First Funds

Newcomer debuts three active ETFs. Analysis

‘We Guarantee You Won’t Lose Money’

What if financial advisors guaranteed capital preservation?

Weekly ETF Flows

Investors Start 2017 With A Bang, Add $13B To ETFs

When it comes to flows, 2017 started out how 2016 ended.

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Fixed Income ETF Liquidity: The Nonstory

Bond ETF trading was smooth as silk after the surprise victory by Trump.