Cinthia Murphy

Cinthia Murphy is a staff writer for, specializing in all things ETFs. Her experience includes time at Dow Jones and former BridgeNews, covering commodity futures markets in Chicago and Brazil equities in Sao Paulo. Murphy has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Features and News

Behind A New ETF White Label Issuer

Nottingham is looking to break into the ETF space at a time when white-label providers are under heightened scrutiny.

Features and News

Cboe Says Bitcoin Futures Coming Dec. 10

Monday will set a milestone for the cryptocurrency market.  

Features and News

5 Biggest One-ETF-Hit Wonders

Sometimes all it takes to be successful in the ETF marketplace is a single ETF. 

Features and News

How Advisors Can Compete With Vanguard

At Schwab Impact, advisors debate how to stay relevant in a world that’s increasingly Vanguard’s oyster.

Features and News

5 Views On Tax Loss Harvesting

A look at how and why ETF strategists handle tax loss harvesting this time of year.

Features and News

Top Volatility ETF’s Unique Approach

Among the many volatility exchange-traded products, a small and relatively young strategy is leading the giants.

Features and News

Novel Trio Of Policy ETFs

Policy, not politics, drives stock selection in these three strategies.

Features and News

Understanding Evidence Based Investing

Barry Ritholtz gives us the rundown on what it means to invest based on facts.

Monthly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Up To $385B After Strong Oct

ETF investors continue to show a taste for large, liquid and cheap vanilla equity ETFs.