Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a contributor to and ETF Report, and is a former associate editor at

ETF Report

ETFs For Rising Rates

How to stop worrying and love the bull market in bonds.

ETF Report

ETFs Fuel Flat Rate Financial Planning

With flat fees and ETF portfolios, Integrity Wealth Solutions’ principals strive for a better way of doing business.

ETF Report

How The Big 3 ETF Issuers Got So Big

The top three ETF issuers own 82% of the market. How did they get so big, and what differentiates them?

ETF Report

Quirky Working In These Active ETFs

Active sector ETFs promise a better mousetrap—and many have delivered. But what's really behind the outperformance? 

ETF Report

Transparency Vs. ‘Tyranny Of Benchmarks’

Managers want nontransparent active ETFs. But does anybody else?

Features and News

XLRE: Quality, Not Quantity In Real Estate

A look at the newest Select Sector SPDR and what makes it tick.

ETF Report

 No ‘Valuable Argument’ Against The Fiduciary Rule

Arden Rodgers, a former software developer, brings an analytical perspective to using ETFs in his practice.

ETF Report

Smart Beta Bond ETFs Hiding In Plain Sight

You might be holding a smart-beta bond ETF and not even know it.

ETF Report

Navigating (Potential) ETF Closures

A quick guide on what happens when your ETF shuts down and how to avoid such a situation.