Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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‘Social Alpha’: Nonprofits Dive Into ETFs

Impact Shares helps charities bridge capital to cause.

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ETF University 2018

A guide to the ins and outs of ETFs.

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Kitces On Financial Advice’s Future

The financial advisory business is moving toward subscription fees, one-click investment portfolios and more.

Features and News's 2017 Capital Gains Report

Which ETFs are making year-end distributions, and why?

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Moriarty: Why Bitcoin ETFs Likely

'Spider Woman’ knows a thing or two about ETF innovation. She shares her perspective on bitcoin and other ‘exotic’ ETFs.

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SPY At 25: Institutional Rock Star

The oldest ETF began life as a trading tool for institutions. And so it remains.

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Top 5 Standout ETF Launches Of 2017

Which funds broke new ground?

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What To Know About Sector ETF Investing

With sectors, Fidelity's Denise Chisholm says the key is understanding how different cycles perform over time.

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Amazon Vs. Retail ETFs: Not So Easy

Turns out, you can't blame the e-commerce giant for everything.