Lara Crigger

Lara Crigger is a senior staff writer for and ETF Report.

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Seismic Sector Shift To Shake Up 30 ETFs

The new communications services sector likely will bring all 'FANG' stocks under one roof. 

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GE’s Dividend Cut Tempest In ETF Teapot

Dividend ETFs barely touched by the corporate stalwart’s 50% dividend cut. Analysis

Sexism's Effect On ETF Returns

Sometimes you sacrifice returns for principles—and that's OK. 

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When An ETF Changes Its Exposure

‘LARE’ switches its focus from Latin America REITs to marijuana stocks. But who does the move benefit? Analysis

4 Horsemen Of Stock ETFs

Own one of these popular equity ETFs? Chances are you also own Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

ETF Report

Technology Shifting In Portfolio Management

For advisors looking to streamline investment management, the newest batch of fintech solutions turns ‘all in one’ into ‘a la carte.’

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These 4 Stocks Are Breaking The Market

Scott Galloway on the ‘Four Tech Horsemen’ trampling market status quo.

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Biggest ETF Trend Under Your Radar

Insurance companies are quietly colonizing the ETF industry. 

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Human Freedoms Make Better Markets

Freer markets are smarter investments, says founder of Life + Liberty Indexes.