Gold ETFs Rebound Sharply from 10-Month Low

Devon Layne
May 22, 2012


Gold ETFs jumped 2 percent on Friday, just as gold prices neared a 10-month low. Buyers were attracted to the relatively low prices, according to an article on ETF Trends.

The outlook for gold depends in the near term on the political landscape in Greece, which is likely to shift with the repeat general election scheduled there for June 17, the ETF Trends article said.

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Vanguard's all-market fund 'VTI' led inflows on Thursday, April 23, as total U.S.-listed ETF assets reached a record of $2.163 trillion.

'VTI,' 'VB' and 'VGK' paced Vanguard's issuer-leading inflows on Thursday, April 23, as total U.S.-listed ETF assets rose to a record $2.163 trillion.


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