Nearly $6B Flows Into Fixed Income ETFs Like 'GBIL'

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Friday Hot Reads: Why Bogle Doesn’t Fly First Class

Also, biotech stocks break out.

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Why Model ETF Portfolios Need Active Mgmt

This ETF strategist argues mixing active and passive is the best of both worlds.

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ETF Filing: Principal Plans 5 Funds

The quintet of proposed ETFs covers a cross section of strategies.

15 Most Shorted ETFs

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3 ETF ‘Trump Trades’ That Tripped

The markets once again prove that crystal balls are best used as paperweights. 

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Dueling ETFs Target Millennial Theme

The two have some key differences in their approaches.

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Gartman's Favorite Trades Right Now

Publisher of The Gartman Letter shares his latest thoughts on the financial markets.

New ETFs Veer From Vanilla

ETF Strategist Corner

Global Growth Has Room To Run

Europe and Japan economic expansion is just getting started.

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Swedroe: Perspective Matters With Active Mgmt

A UBS white paper argues that active has outperformed, but the original data shows it hasn’t. Analysis

Potential Changes In Index Sector Funds

What a GICS shakeup could mean for investors.

Tuesday Hot Reads: 2 Trends That Favor ETFs In 2017

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Wednesday Hot Reads: Will New FANG-Themed ETF Bite You?

Also, how to use ETF options for regular income.

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Tuesday Hot Reads: Only 1 Single-Country ETF Trading Lower

Also, U.S. dollar falls to lowest level since Sept.

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Monday Hot Reads: These Energy ETFs Need A Tow

Also, despite record ETF inflows, BlackRock isn't seeing accompanying revenue gains.

ProShares: The Shortcomings Of Short Term Bond Funds

ETF Watch: iShares Rolls Out Ex-China Fund

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ETF Watch: iShares Rolls Out Ex-China Fund

New fund removes China from its emerging market exposure.

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ETF Watch: Active Alts Funds Planned

Both funds will use strategies that rely on factors.

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ETF Watch: Schwab’s 1st New Filing Since 2014

Proposed fund takes aim at iShares Russell 1000 product.

The Guiding-Hand Firm For ETF Issuers

ETF Report

The Myth Of Purely Passive Investing

Why active investing will never go the way of the dodo.

ETF Report

Quirky Working In These Active ETFs

Active sector ETFs promise a better mousetrap—and many have delivered. But what's really behind the outperformance? 

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Transparency Vs. ‘Tyranny Of Benchmarks’

Managers want nontransparent active ETFs. But does anybody else?