The Emerging Market Conundrum

May 2016

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ETF Features

Who's Afraid Of Emerging Markets?

Much has gone wrong in developing markets latery. What spots of hope are left?

ETF Features

What's Working In Emerging Markets?

Amidst the carnage, there are some positive areas when it comes to emerging market ETFs.

ETF Features

Looking Behind The ETF Curtain

The relationships and processes that must be in place before you launch an ETF.

ETF Features

2016 Service Provider Directory

There’s an entire industry’s worth of service providers supporting the products behind the scenes and helping ensure they run smoothly.

ETF Features

Janus Takes Diffferent Angle On Smart Beta

Janus' smart-beta plans and recent launches.

ETF Features

Smart Beta Launches

Smart-beta launches in March 2016.

ETF Features

Who’s Really Using Smart Beta ETFs

Looking at 13F filings for ownership provides a glimpse into varying concentration of ownership.

ETF Features

The New Field Of Sector ETFs

New products include multifactor ETFs and sector-avoidance strategies.

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US Bancorp Fund Offers Full-Suite Services

Offering a full suite of services to help support your exhange-traded product.

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Rethinking Equity Indices

ETF Departments

New ETF Launches

Vanguard debuts international dividend ETFs. Plus: Our monthly look at launches, filings and closures.

ETF Departments

ETF Explainer: EWZ

Our ETF Explainer considers some of the factors contributing to Brazil’s economic struggles.

ETF Departments

Sectors In Review

March saw every sector ETF end up in positive territory.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review

Country ETFs surged during March, with only Hong Kong and Japan in negative territory.

ETF Departments

Commodities In Review

Commodities had a great month in general, but corn, lead and aluminum trailed the pack.