Smart Beta All Grown Up

June 2017

More than 800 ETFs and some $640 billion in assets later …

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ETF Features

How Investors Are Using Smart Beta ETFs

You may be surprised by what we learned.

ETF Features

Smart Beta Bond ETFs Hiding In Plain Sight

You might be holding a smart-beta bond ETF and not even know it.

ETF Features

Understanding Smart Beta Factors

We examine what investors should consider when looking at multifactor funds.

ETF Features

 Measuring Smart Beta ETF Performance

How have the largest and most established smart-beta ETFs performed compared with their cap-weighted counterparts?

ETF Features

 Smart Beta Corner

Nuveen launched a fixed-income ETF offering a smart-beta twist on the short-term bond segment.

ETF Features

Options Essentials For Advisors

A guide to the different ways investors can use options to enhance their portfolio performance.

ETF Features

How Financial Advisors Use & Think About Options

A summary of a study by Cerulli Associates.

ETF Sponsored Content

Factors Can Enhance Portfolio Performance

PowerShares ETFs focus on factors to help better diversify portfolios.

ETF Departments

 New ETF Launches

An ETF that covers … the ETF industry. Plus our list of launches, filings and closures for April.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: EWQ

Our ETF Explainer considers the turning points in France’s market over the 12 months preceding its most recent presidential election.

ETF Departments

 No ‘Valuable Argument’ Against The Fiduciary Rule

Arden Rodgers, a former software developer, brings an analytical perspective to using ETFs in his practice.

ETF Departments

 Sectors In Review

April was a good month for sector ETFs, with most sectors in positive territory.

ETF Departments

 Countries In Review

Country ETFs had a great month in April, with only a handful of funds showing negative returns.

ETF Departments

 Commodities In Review

Commodity ETFs had a brutal time in April, with precious metals making for a lonely bright spot.

ETF Departments

Last Word: A Rose By Any Name

What IS smart beta, really?

ETF Data

 ETF Data

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.